Voice actor, Keye Luke
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"Zoltar, once again you come to me with good tidings that are not good. With triumph that is not victory. With great and glorious plans that have not been completed." The Spirit 2

The Spirit is the true leader of planet Spectra 71 and he calls himself the "Voice of Spectra 73." Known to only a select few individuals like Zoltar, Gorak 73 and Professor Hugo Doriarity 21, he directs the actions of the planet's forces. He has no known physical body and appears only as an image on various viewscreens. But that doesn't mean he's powerless. One of his most effective offensive weapons is a bright, paralyzing light and sound barrage. He uses this several times to stun G-Force and others in his presence. He can emit this light spontaneously 80, 71, but Zoltar can also cause it to emit by the press of a button 21.

The Spirit says he does not trust robots, which indicates that he is not a robot himself 27. He is located on planet Spectra 2, but he may not be from there. In a tirade, he once says to Zoltar "Do not question my orders! Without me, you and your miserable planet would have died long ago 44! " He claims that he has mystic powers 71. He calls his soldiers, "loyal guards 73." The Spirit has some knowledge of G-Force, including knowing that Jason is a part of the team 27.

Although he seems like a highly intelligent being, he is surprisingly dense when it comes to choosing his underlings. Why he keeps giving Zoltar chance after chance is only known to him. He threatens that he may be forced to replace Zoltar with a younger and more zealous leader due to his constant failures 80. The Spirit once refers to Zoltar as the temporal leader of Spectra and says his position is shaky 54. He does actually replace Zoltar with Colonel Tu, but when Tu returns to Spectra in defeat, Zoltar is put back in charge 90. He was also replaced by Professor Doriarity, although this was only a ruse to learn the Professor's secrets. Once they are known, Zoltar took control again 21. When Zoltar crashes on planet Leucadia, the Spirit leaves him to escape G-Force's pursuit on his own. If he can make it back, the Spirit says he will forgive him. Otherwise, he will promote General Gorak to be the new ruler of Spectra. Naturally, Zoltar makes it back to keep his leadership position 73.

The Spirit's usual appearance

The Spirit's Chamber on Spectra

He constantly berates Zoltar 15, 2, 47, 71, 88, 89, 99, saying that he always returns from Earth empty-handed 67 claiming G-Force as his excuse for losing 80. He claims that Earth has made a mockery of Zoltar's plans too often and that the populace of Spectra will not accept another of Zoltar's failures 72. The Spirit appears to be more impressed by Zoltar's sister Mala than with Zoltar himself 31. Why Zoltar is given special treatment is strange, given that the Spirit himself claims he does not tolerate mistakes 73. Zoltar backs this up by saying the Spirit does not tolerate mistakes, punishment is swift for those who fail him 45 and that he does not forgive 51.

Regardless, the Spirit sends Zoltar out time and time again. The planet Spectra is dying 17 and he wants to conquer other worlds to exploit their natural resources for themselves. Favorite targets are Earth and its sister planet, Riga 15, 44, 53. But aside from the conquering of Earth, the downfall of Intergalactic Federation is another of the Spirit's greatest ambitions. He makes several attempts to disrupt the very existence of the Federation by stealing the Conway Tapes 75, 32, 33 which hold the secret code that holds the Federation together, by stealing an attache case that holds a critical component that will back up the Conway Tapes 47 and even by stealing all the Federation's gold to ruin the intergalactic economy 6.

There is no known name for the Spirit, but his followers have no shortage of terms for him. Zoltar, naturally, has come up with the majority of these, including The Great One 1, 93, Oh Luminous One 1, 21, 15, 67, 25, 27 (twice), 6, 68, 16, 54, 44, 9, 45, 71, 69, 72, 89, Oh Great Galactic Ruler 1, Great Light of Wisdom 1, 67, 68, The Supreme One 36, Great Luminous One 62, 51, Most Exalted One 75, Oh Luminous Spirit 75, Master 15, 16, 89, Sire 15, 27, 6, 54, Great Spirit 67, 80, 48 (twice), 54, 44, 47, 45 (four times), 86, 96, 32, 51 (four times), 93, 99, The Luminous One 67 (twice), 90, 96, 51, The Spirit 80, 27, 48, 68, 47, 45, 69, 72, 89, 99, Exalted Spirit 80, Oh Supreme Spirit 80, Most Powerful One 80, 2, The Supreme Spirit 80, Oh Light of Wisdom 80, Oh Infinite Power 80, Mighty Spirit 27, 71, 22 (twice), Light of Wisdom 27, Most Illustrious Spirit 41, Exalted One 68, Oh Spirit 45, Oh Mighty Spirit 71, 33, 69, Most Luminous One 88, 32, Most Exalted Spirit of Spectra 32, Most Luminous Spirit 32, The Shining One 51 and Magnificent One 93. He is also called Great Spirit by General Gorak 73 and Most Radiant One by Dr. Glock 76. Susan refers to him as The Great Spiritual Leader of Spectra 54.

G-Force are able to see the Spirit a couple times, even though they make no special note of it the first time 21. Once, when they nearly see Zoltar unmasked, the Spirit unleashes his blinding light to knock them unconscious 71. Afterwards, Jason describes him as a "weird ghost 71."

The Spirit was portrayed by actor Keye Luke. He also provided the voices for Zoltar and Colonel Cronus. Luke was probably best known for his live-action continuing role of Number One Son in the Charlie Chan Films.



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