This drawing of Susan appeared in a Battle of the Planets record/book set in France. While it is not a creator-approved image, it is probably the closest we'll get to seeing what Susan may have looked like.


Voice actress, Janet Waldo
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"It's always a pleasure to turn you on, sir." Susan 44

Susan is 7-Zark-7's unseen robot counterpart 55. He refers to her as his secretary 12 or private secretary 47 and tells us she is located on top of a very high skyscraper someplace 24. Like 7-Zark-7, she also has a Ready Room 2. Reinforcing her role as secretary, Susan sometimes calls 7-Zark-7 "sir" 44, 2. Around the time Spectra's Space Serpent attacks Earth, Susan is transferred to the Early Warning System out on planet Pluto, three million miles away from 7-Zark-7, where she then remains 4. From there she says she'll be able to let 7-Zark-7 know whenever trouble is approaching 4. Susan is usually the first to let 7-Zark-7 know of any oddities in deep space, especially when they concern Earth or any of the other Federation planets. She can contact 7-Zark-7 with alerts and warnings both in his Think Tank and in his Ready Room. Her alerts normally come through a small speaker system with synchronized lights 39, 55. The types of warnings she calls 7-Zark-7 about can vary and include emergency alerts from the Galactic Warning System 24, warnings from the Space Patrol 33, emergency warnings from the Cosmic Patrol 45, early warnings 51 about launches on Spectra 90, 65, condition critical emergency reports from Oceanographic Research 55, inter-galaxy emergency transmits 47, emergency alerts, like from planet Aquatica 22, and red alerts, like one about a UFO headed to planet Zeebor 93. Once in a while, 7-Zark-7 will contact Susan with an alert, like he did when a dangerous alien escaped Earth custody 46. Susan occasionally slips up and lets ships sneak through her planetary patrols. Whenever that happens she is usually devastated 23.

Aside from their serious jobs of defending the Federation's planets from invasion, the two robots enjoy bantering back and forth. They are obviously very fond of each other although they have never met face-to-face 47, 8. 7-Zark-7 doesn't even know what she looks like although he does have some descriptions of her. Susan, like 7-Zark-7, was constructed at Quanto-Tobor Labs and has a sign to prove it 92. Her calibrations are a perfect 38-24-26 25. 7-Zark-7 has been told that her Multiplex Discontinuity Filters are beautiful 47. He thinks she has a lovely voice and that her circuits are compatible with his 47. Susan has antennae which she washes and puts up in curlers 23. The two robots frequently engage in spirited, innuendo-laden flirting sessions 25, 27, 55, 2, 11, 10, 83, 87, 44, 5, 45, 71, 4, 60, 100, 33, 63, 43 and Susan seems to delight in looking in on 7-Zark-7 while he takes his oil showers 84, 60, 4, 100!

Susan's speakers in 7-Zark-7's Think Tank

Susan's speakers in 7-Zark-7's Ready Room

She is likely to have many of the same internal components as 7-Zark-7, but some of the additional ones we know Susan has include the previously-mentioned Multiplex Discontinuity Filters 47. plus Paranormal Receptors which are perfectly attuned to 7-Zark-7's Supra Modulator. They allow her to know everything 7-Zark-7 is thinking, sometimes before he thinks of it 92. She also has Infra-Probes and Inter-Stellar Probes, both of which she uses to look into space 43 and sensors that tell her Spectra is ready to put their new weapon on Riga into action 52. Additionally, Susan has long-range telephoto vision, although it is only good for one million miles 4.

Susan thinks 7-Zark-7 has the most wonderful imagination 7 but she gets mad at him when he asks her to be a stand-in mother for 1-Rover-1 69. She once teases 7-Zark-7 with an emergency warning about a huge, rare dangerous bug called a Magna Fantastica, just to teach him a lesson about similarly teasing Keyop 17. Susan makes it clear that she worries about 7-Zark-7, like when one of his ten second oil breaks lasts thirty seconds 25, or when he's planning a vacation to a glamorous gambling resort. Susan doesn't want him to go because she knows he'll flip his FOSDIC over the slot machines since she knows they're just gold-diggers out for money 5.

The character Susan was based on Sandy Frank's real-life secretary, Susan. Creator Jameson Brewer used to speak with her on the phone and her voice left quite an impression on him. He also never knew what she looked like. So he created the Susan character to put 7-Zark-7 in a similar situation.

Susan was portrayed by voice actress Janet Waldo, who also played Princess. She is perhaps best known for her role of Judy Jetson on The Jetsons, but she has also been heard as Josie, from Josie and the Pussycats, and Penelope Pitstop in addition to countless other cartoon roles.



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