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"Arroooor.... lovey-dovey, Marky-warky, arrrr!" Keyop teasing Princess about Mark 1.

No last name is given for Keyop. He is the youngest on the team and from the very beginning, 7-Zark-7 tells us that he is very different 1.

While the rest of the team are orphans and had a distinct set of parents, Keyop does not. He was manufactured 1, 69. Keyop was grown in a laboratory from a single embryonic cell 1, and has no real mother or father 69. His speech is a little peculiar 1, perhaps as a result of his creation. His strange speech pattern consists of a series of "chirps" and nonsense sounds before he finally gets out what he's trying to say. He usually speaks in no more than four or five words at a time. 7-Zark-7 tends to worry about him because he's the smallest and so different from the others 69.

One time, Security Chief Anderson starts to hint that Keyop is not a child, but he gets interrupted before he can finish the thought 83.* Keyop's body temperature is not like the others on G-Force. He is unable to be tracked with thermal detectors 96.

He is agile, quick thinking, and at times something of a smart-mouth 1, 88, 70, 83. One of his biggest wishes is to have a mother 69. In his off-time from G-Force, Keyop likes to play the drums 47, 69 accompanying Princess on guitar. He is able to skin dive 9, and he also likes to water ski but isn't so good at jumping 5. He likes to disco dance and hang glide whenever he gets the chance 73. Planet Odin is his favorite place 51. Keyop enjoys baseball - perhaps getting a little too into it - and even gets to act as a ballboy during one of G-Force's undercover missions 63. He can be bribed to work for food 39.

Keyop's civilian appearance

Keyop in uniform

Keyop has a bit of a knack for electronics and explosives like Princess. He was once able to rewire a button with explosives, which caused it to blow up when later pressed by a Spectra base commander 49. He also remembers the correct audio frequency used to attract a mechanical locust and halt a large scale Spectra plan 72.

Keyop knows how to pilot the Phoenix 93, and at least once has fired missiles from it because Mark thought it will be good practice for him 27. He has also operated the ship's detector panel in an effort to pick up an emergency signal being sent by Princess 74. Keyop controls the "full jets" on the Phoenix when Jason pilots it 12. He thinks Jason is a terrible pilot 26. Keyop also knows how to pilot small prop planes 72.

Keyop has a love for animals and is known to have a rare insect specimen collection. 7-Zark-7 once exploits this by sending him on a hopeless chase for a Mariposa Rubirosa butterfly 17. Keyop really seems to know how to talk to the animals - literally in one case when he uses an Interspecies Translator to gain the help of a baby whale he has brought back to Center Neptune 18. His animal fondness usually ends up involving G-Force in another adventure, like when he brings home a beetle that's really a disguised Spectra ship 17, or recruiting seals to help with missions 45.

Strangely, the few times G-Force is assigned to work with animals, Keyop doesn't seem to get very close to them. In the case of Dr. Carig and his chimpanzee Cindy, it's clear why; Carig is very prejudiced against what he sees as a little boy who can't even speak 83. But who can say why Keyop didn't seem to get close to the Cerebonically-enhanced St. Bernard, Orion when he was on a mission with G-Force 37.

Keyop exceeds in getting himself, and his team, into trouble - both personally and on-the-job. He manages to go on a lot of solo missions, whether authorized or not. Sometimes he strikes out on orders from Mark 16 or Chief Anderson 89 or by volunteering 72. But in many cases, he has simply gone off to follow another teammate 39, 95, out of impatience 48, 71, or with a thought in mind to prove his worth to G-Force 8.

He lets his impulses get the better of him and sometimes doesn't think before rushing off alone. Unfortunately, when he is on his own, he tends to get himself captured, thereby putting G-Force in an even worse bind 48, 49, 73. But one of his crowning achievements was sneaking into a Spectra base alone and making it back to Center Neptune with some important microfilm 16.

His feelings are hurt easily, especially when he finds out he's the least popular member of G-Force among a bunch of kids his own age 8. But this doesn't make him any less effective than the others as a fighter. Keyop is a quick and dangerous member of the team. He is included on missions regularly, and never left behind because of his small size.

Princess and Keyop share a special bond and the two appear to live together in the same building which may be in Capital City on Earth 17. Each have their own room 65. Like Mark and Princess, Keyop sleeps with his Wrist Activator off 17. Princess brings breakfast into him sometimes 17. The two of them travel together frequently, shopping around town 12, disco dancing 10 or dropping in on Mark at his shack 23. Keyop enjoys peaceful days off with Princess 74. While on an undercover mission together, he and Princess pose as brother and sister 32.

Keyop also pals around and shares jokes with Tiny 21, 41. Tiny once kids that Keyop should be sent back to the lab for a replacement 48. The two of them are sent on an undercover mission together where Keyop pretends to be a famous entomologist from Earth 86.

Keyop falls hard for a girl his age named Julie Leslie who has been kidnapped by Spectra. He rescues her, but Spectra suspect he's part of G-Force and use the girl as bait again in a plot to trap Keyop. After he is able to get himself and Julie to safety, she informs him that her parents have been transferred to the Andromeda Galaxy. Keyop pretends to unfazed by this news in front of his G-Force teammates, but when he's out of their sight, he slumps down devastated 87.

Keyop gets treated like a dog a few times, like getting scolded by Mark for being in his seat on the Phoenix 2, or Jason telling him to relax by saying "Down boy 7." Dr. Carig tells him straight out, "You're our guide dog, 83" and a couple of Spectra soldiers mistake him for a dog once 71.

Keyop is once taken to a Spectra base (and even wears a Spectra uniform), where they put him to work washing dishes, serving dinner to Zoltar, repairing Spectra snowmobiles and other jobs the Spectrans don't want to do. When one of the soldiers questions the decision of recruiting this strange boy, another soldier claims that they must be scraping the bottom of the barrel 71.

Once Keyop nervously "chirps" "SOS - SOS" while he's running away from some Spectra soldiers, before he yells "May Day" into his Wrist Activator 69.

Keyop's primary weapon is a bolo 10, which is also referred to as an electronic bolo 67. It is an impressive weapon that can be used to knock out enemies, or double as a powerful explosive device 96, sometimes with delay a timer 10. Keyop carries explosive powder in a small box in one of the pouches on his G-Force uniform belt 10. He also carries a pocket knife in his civilian clothes 72.

Keyop's private vehicle Is a red dune buggy 39 until it transmutes into the yellow and red Star Buggy 12, 84. It is also referred to as the Space Buggy 95, Bubble 83, Space Bubble 87, a Mini-Sub 45 and the Widget 26 one time by Princess. The Star Buggy is stored on the starboard side pontoon of the Phoenix 1. It is probably the most versatile of all the G-Force private vehicles, with the ability to travel in the air 48, on snow 37, underwater 21, 48 and through numerous types of terrain 48. It also has headlights 45, a periscope 89 and a staggering amount of weapons and other devices that can be deployed from its front "mouth" hatch such as bombs 88, 67, nets 18, 47, 73 buzz-saws 83, 84, 45 and drills 48, 83. It has room in its interior cockpit for Keyop and at least one other full-grown adult 83.

Keyop's dune buggy and Star Buggy in Full G-Force Mode

As with the rest of the G-Force team, Keyop has been enhanced mysterious powers via Cerebonic implants 1. The nature of the Cerebonic implants and their locations have never been revealed.

In his civilian life, Keyop wears a yellow and red shirt with a white number 4 on its front. Along with that he has white and blue striped bell-bottom pants, dark blue shoes that look like slippers and finally a sky blue and yellow Wrist Activator. This is pretty much the civilian uniform for G-Force, each member has similar styling with different colors.

Keyop's G-Force uniform is yellow with maroon boots and gloves. His cape-wings are dark blue with a blue-green interior. His helmet is blue with red and yellow accents and a yellow transparent visor. The belt on his uniform has a large yellow and red "G" buckle, and includes a holster for his Bolos on its right side and two pouches on its left side.

*In addition to being grown in a laboratory, the series' pilot script gives another wrinkle to Keyop's origins by continually referring to him as an "elfin alien," "little alien" and making note of his speech patterns as "his strange alien accent." Could this have been what Chief Anderson was going to tell Dr. Carig when he started to say Keyop wasn't a child 83?

The Japanese creators of Jinpei modeled him after boxer and personality, "Guts" Ishimatsu.



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