Agent K-4


A Spectra Agent who impersonates a security guard. He manages to sneak into Federation Headquarters and plant a bomb in its vault. He is last seen driving toward a Spectra base with Keyop hiding in his trunk. The base is eventually destroyed, but Agent K-4's fate is unknown 49.
Voice: Casey Kasem


Agent S-9


She is the most brilliant planetary spy in Spectra's Galaxy. She is resourceful, cunning and utterly cold-blooded. She contacts local spies on Arcturus 32. After the mission, 7-Zark-7 is unable to locate her 33.
Voice: Takayo Fischer


Uncle Ajeeb


Impersonated by Zoltar to overthrow Tabul, to become the Sheik of Aburra. The real Uncle Ajeeb is dead and his skeleton is found in a dungeon by Mark and Tabul. Zoltar's deception is revealed when Tabul and Mark see a ring on the real Tabul's body that he never took off 35.
Voice: William Woodson




One of the men guarding Julie Leslie, whose name appears in scripts. Another was named Angel. Al was knocked unconscious by Keyop 87.
Voice: Alan Dinehart


Police Chief Albin


A police chief on Planet Odin who is in league with Zoltar. He has been chosen by The Spirit to rule Odin. He smokes cigars and wants to capture Colonel Cronus. He is last seen as Cronus knocks him to the ground and steals the cigar box containing his takeover plans for Odin 51.
Voice: William Woodson




One of the men guarding Julie Leslie, whose name appears in scripts. Another was named Al. Angel was knocked unconscious by Keyop 87.
Voice: William Woodson




The commander of the base on Planet Tramulus. He has struck a deal with Spectra that if he destroys G-Force, he will be made ruler of Earth. His attack fails and he and his crew are caught and imprisoned 10.
Voice: William Woodson



The name of one of the Spectra soldiers in the temple of Amon-Ra. He wears the standard green Spectra soldier uniform. When Mark hits him with his Sonic Boomerang, Baku accidentally falls and pulls the secret destruct lever for the Spectra base. After this, Zoltar orders everybody out to an escape ship, presumably including Baku 69.




One of the two Spectra agents who manage to get the Conway Tapes. Lokar is the other. He hopes the two of them are going to be rich. He also hopes they will get promoted to Majors, since they get paid a lot and do little. He is last seen going back into his ship to look for the Conway Tape decoder 101.




Bartok is placed in command of the symbiote robots by Zoltar, in an attempt to steal the Conway Tapes. He commanded his troops from Spectra's Preying Mantis machine, which was later destroyed by G-Force. A number of aircraft managed to escape the Mantis before it blew up, but these also crashed, leaving Bartok's fate unknown 75.




Barzok is a very dangerous character who is the mastermind of Spectra's intergalactic slave system and head agent of a tightly-knit espionage network that is salting the water reservoirs of the entire Galaxy. He wants The Spirit to get rid of Zoltar so he can be made ruler of Spectra. His plan to convince The Spirit to do this is to conquer Earth and turn it into a slave camp. But Zoltar learns of Barzok's plans and puts a stop to them. Barzok is last seen begging for his life in front of Zoltar 86.
Voice: Edward Andrews


Commander Blug


The Commander of the Spectra Caterpillar robot along with Kobul and Fromo. He accuses fellow crew member Kobul of always looking for tricks. He believes himself valuable to Zoltar, but Zoltar thinks Blug acts like a fool. He is not seen again 98.
Voice: Frank Maxwell




One of the Spectra agents that collects Vargo from prison to fire Spectra's new Cryno-Gun. The other is Helms 57. Brock pilots the Cryno-Gun while Vargo fires it. He is last seen piloting the gun, just before Mark upends it with his Sonic Jet.
Voice: Ronnie Schell




The deposed leader of Planet Mir, he is now fighting on Spectra's side. He commands a submarine for Spectra and is last seen following G-Force's progress on Mir 5.
Voice: William Woodson




Commander of a Spectra space ship that kidnaps a decoy G-Force team. His ship is destroyed, with him on it, when Mark is able to overload its generator with Kryptolite. He is named in scripts 62.
Voice: Edward Andrews




Apparently a robot who is working with Spectra. He is put in charge of Spectra's giant Grasshopper ship on Earth, and if he can stop G-Force, Zoltar has promised independence for Dahmbo's robot people. However, the Grasshopper is ultimately destroyed by G-Force and 7-Zark-7 reports that all of the soldiers from the ship are captured 30.


Captain Doom


A space pirate from the Planet Urgos with a face like a skull. He thinks Urgos will conquer Earth instead of Spectra. He survives a G-Force attack at his base on his home planet and was last seen claiming Earth had not seen the last of him 7.
Voice: Keye Luke


Madam Dumane


A Spectra agent who runs Tomorrow's Woman Cosmetics and has some shady connections. She helps capture a series of young girls helping Spectra search for Princess. She is last seen running with Zoltar after a report of a G-Force sighting 74.
Voice: Janet Waldo


Lieutenant Fromo


A Spectra soldier and crew member along with Commander Blug and Kobul on the Spectra Caterpillar robot. His name comes from scripts. He is not seen again 98.
Voice: William Woodson




He is a Spectra Lieutenant who impersonates King Sarnon of Beldania. He and his men are given thirty seconds to escape their Spectra base after Zoltar sets it to self-destruct 77. It is unknown if they made it. The picture on the top left is of Gannart posing as King Sarnon. The bottom left picture shows Gannart in his Spectra uniform.
Voice: Edward Andrews



The commander of the Scorpion ship that attacks Earth. He is also said to have led a team of assassins at the Battle of Riga that killed Mark's father in his quarters while he slept. He disguises himself as an Intergalactic Federation delegate. He has a special cigar that shoots flames, which he uses as a diversion. He is captured by Mark and interrogated with extreme means until he agrees to show G-Force where Spectra's Earth base is located. He gets away from G-Force at the base and escapes with Zoltar. He is last seen telling Zoltar, "You can forget about G-Force, I give them five minutes!" about five minutes before they destroy the Scorpion ship. While Zoltar gets away in an escape craft and tells the crew to abandon the ship, it is unknown if Gartz is able to get away. He is one of the few Spectra commanders we get to see without his mask 54.
Voice: William Woodson




An old friend of Orin's who meets him at the airport upon his return to Earth. Orin's wife Diane has never met him. Unfortunately for Orin, this Gino turns out to be Zoltar in disguise. The real Gino's whereabouts are unknown. The picture to the left is Zoltar's disguise 43.
Voice: William Woodson

Dr. Glock


A Spectra scientist that constructs a device to reverse G- Force's transmutation effect. Glock is last seen on a monitor warning Zoltar that he is about to destroy the Anti-Transmute ray machine from overuse 76.
Voice: William Woodson




The commander of the underwater Spectra base near Tiny's hometown. He was last seen talking with Zoltar on a monitor, just before Tiny breaks into the room, rescues Mark and floods the base 26.
Voice: William Woodson


General Gorak


The Spirit orders General Gorak to eliminate G-Force. The Spirit also orders Gorak not to assist Zoltar after he has bungled a mission. If Zoltar is unable to return to Spectra on his own, The Spirit says he will make Gorak the new ruler of Spectra. When first seen, Gorak is in the standard Spectra uniform, but he later wears a jaguar skin along with his troops, to bring down Keyop's Space Buggy. During a ceremony, he wears a third outfit consisting of a dark robe with a yellow mask. He is last seen being knocked down by Jason in the Spectra ceremonial area 73.


Commander Gorok


From the Crab Nebulae. Commander of the Space Terrapin machine. He flees the Space Terrapin robot following Zoltar's orders, and sets its self-destruct mechanism in an attempt to kill G-Force 1. He also wears the same uniform as Okto.
Voice: Alan Oppenheimer

Colonel Gore


A Spectra soldier who is falsely praised by Zoltar for the good work he's done. Zoltar says he is a "born leader" and should be rewarded, so he makes Gore the supreme commander of all Spectra's troops. Gore accepts the post with great pride and says he'll never forget Zoltar. As Gore is commanding a Spectra sub, little does he know that Zoltar had set a timed detonator to destroy it. Zoltar escapes the sub and a short time later the detonator goes off, destroying the ship, its crew and Colonel Gore 89.
Voice: Edward Andrews




Spectra soldier that controls the Gravity Ray Guns. When the guns turned against the ship they're mounted on, Zoltar gives the order to abandon it before it's destroyed. It is unclear if Gorko or any other Spectra soldiers escaped with Zoltar 55.



An unseen attendant at a Spectra tracking station. At Zoltar's order, he deploys armed motorized units (Spectra soldiers on motorcycles) to converge on G-Force during Spectra's flower attack 39.




A Spectra sub commander who is captured by G-Force, along with his entire crew, after a botched prison break attempt at Barracuda Penitentiary. His name comes from scripts 42.
Voice: Alan Dinehart




A Spectra special agent. Hanna is a code name. She showed up at a stake-out that was being done on Professor Starke, and disappeared afterward. She gets a copy of a protein formula from Starke, which she tries to burn. She is taken into custody at the end of the mission (unseen) 88.




One of the Spectra agents that collects Vargo from prison. The other is Brock. Helms is not seen again. His name comes from scripts 57.
Voice: Keye Luke

Lani Hill


A hitch-hiker that Jason picks up, but unknown to him, she is a member of Spectra's Galaxy Girls. She knows Mala and apologizes for being late when Jason drops her off. After Yana's initial failure at her mission to kill Chief Anderson, Lani is put in command of the Galaxy Girls' next mission to destroy the Solar Express. Several of the Galaxy Girls' vehicles are destroyed in their subsequent battle with G-Force, but it is unknown if Lani was among them 31.
Voice: Janet Waldo




A Spectra agent who is eagerly awaiting to hear from Zoltar. When he does, Zoltar orders him to initiate an electronic takeover of the machines on Earth. He is last seen when Zoltar orders him and his men to retrieve some microfilm that Keyop has stolen. His name comes from scripts 16.
Voice: William Woodson


J. V. Kilian


Dr. Wold's assistant on Shipwreck Island. When Zoltar makes his escape, Kilian is left behind in a Zoltar costume to be captured by G-Force 59.
Voice: William Woodson




A Spectra agent who commands the Spectra beetle squadron. He says he has a dark side when he's angered. He is not allowed to return to Spectra after his failure. He is ordered to destroy his own base and go down with it 17.
Voice: William Woodson


Lieutenant Kobul


A Spectra soldier and crew member along with Commander Blug and Fromo on the Spectra Caterpillar robot. He is not seen again. His rank comes from scripts 98.
Voice: Keye Luke




The ruler of Spectra's fictional Future World. Koda is actually Zoltar, in disguise hoping to learn Dr. Gorky's energy formula 100.
Voice: Keye Luke




The leader of the Charioteers of Changu. The Charioteers are all destroyed by G-Force 95.




Is from the Spectra slave planet Sigma Minor. He is one of the few people from that planet, since they fought among themselves and now there are few left. Even though he does not think much of The Spirit or Zoltar, he is placed in charge of a Spectra mission to get a copy of Professor Starke's protein formula. Korag has a special salute that consists of putting both hands to the sides of his head and splaying his fingers. He loves a fight and is extremely powerful, able to catch and crush Keyop and Mark's weapons with his hands. He gets knocked out when he tries to fire Jason's special gun and its tail piece hits him in the head. He is captured and jailed afterward 88.
Voice: William Woodson




One of the two Spectra agents who manage to get the Conway Tapes. Barlek is the other. He hopes the two of them will get promoted for bringing the tape back to Spectra. He is last seen going back into his ship to look for the Conway Tape decoder 101.




The commander of the Spectra Space Bat machine. He carries a pistol. He was last seen knocked unconscious by Mark's Sonic Boomerang in the control room of the Space Bat. When a timed bomb went off three minutes later, the Bat was destroyed and Lotak was apparently killed with the rest of the ship's crew 60.
Voice: Frank Maxwell




A Spectra agent in charge of planting a missile-attracting homing device on a cruise ship. Lothar and his spy team also manage to successfully plant a homing device within Space Center and then escape. His action leads to the destruction of Space Center. He carries bomb darts under his left sleeve 91.
Voice: Edward Andrews




Jason's driving partner in the African 9,000 Mile Obstacle Race race. She speaks with a foreign accent and admits to being a Spectra agent, who quit the organization at the beginning of the race. Ultimately she turns out to be a robot who self destructs at Spectra's command 27.
Voice: Janet Waldo




Zoltar's sister who holds the rank of Lieutenant. She is everything The Spirit could hope for; beautiful, remorseless and totally dedicated to the survival of Spectra. Her full name is Mala Latroz. Jason thinks she is a mean-looking woman, while Keyop thinks she's scary and she gives Mark the creeps. She can communicate with her soldiers through a device in her collar 31. She smokes and she thinks she is more generous than her brother 70.
Voice: Takayo Fischer


Master Robot (Tobak)


The robot in charge of the trailer that is sending out robot animals against Jason and Lucy. He speaks in a monotone voice and is not programmed to apologize. He is also called the Master Computer Robot. He is ordered to destroy the agent code-named Lucy. He has been programmed to self-destruct in twenty minutes. In scripts he is named Tobak 27.
Voice: Alan Dinehart




A Spectra soldier who, along with Pog, finds Keyop face down in the snow after their Bigfoot attack. At first, he mistakes Keyop for a dog. The two soldiers take Keyop to perform menial tasks in the Spectra base. They are last seen giving Keyop orders within the Spectra base. His name comes from scripts 71.
Voice: Casey Kasem


Captain Morlak


The Captain of Zoltar's personal ship, and Captain of a Spectra base. Mark reluctantly allows Morlak and his men to escape after their defeat by G-Force 39/40.
Voice: William Woodson




The commander of Robot Unit 3 and a Spectra base. He is able to catch Mark's boomerang in his claw and throw it back at Mark. Muto is killed when Zoltar orders him to press the self destruct button in the base 65.


Number 7 (Ozeck)


The name of the Spectra soldier whose costume Mark steals on Shipwreck Island on Earth. He is left gagged and tied to the wheel of a speedboat. Since Shipwreck Island is completely obliterated, his fate is unknown 59.




The Commander of Spectra's secret giant whale ship base. When Zoltar orders him to destroy the Phoenix in a small Spectra attack craft, Okto is apparently killed when G-Force utilizes the Fiery Phoenix to melt his ship. He wears the same uniform as Commander Gorok. His name is from scripts 2.




The Spectra Captain of the Great Torah machine. He dresses reminiscent of an American Indian. When the Torah is under attack from G-Force, Oneeda wants to escape and Zoltar somewhat reluctantly orders them to "Hit the escape hatches!" Zoltar gets away, but it is unclear if Oneeda was able to escape 96.
Voice: William Woodson


Ms. Ostric


She is a member of the Galactic Press and a spy for Spectra. She met with Professor Mayberry at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Civilizations on Earth in order to obtain more information about their recent escapee, Zeno. She smokes long cigarettes. She is able to contact Zoltar through a communication device in her lapel. She is last seen driving away from the Institute, preparing to talk with Zoltar. Her name comes from scripts 46.
Voice: Takayo Fischer




An agent working with Zoltar on Planet Zeebor. When a set of ground-boring missiles Jason rigged catch up to the Spectra ship Pesca is on with Zoltar, Zoltar orders the escape ship launched. According to Jason, Zoltar and all his men got away, but the ship was destroyed 93.




A Spectra soldier who, along with Mog, finds Keyop face down in the snow after their Bigfoot attack. The two soldiers take Keyop to perform menial tasks in the Spectra base. They are last seen giving Keyop orders within the Spectra base. His name comes from scripts 71.
Voice: Ronnie Schell




Planet Riga's Defense Minister who is in league with Spectra. He is concerned that Anderson hasn't given any indication of surrendering to Spectra 52. He says that by G-Force destroying a Spectra ship, that means Anderson has turned down Spectra's proposal to surrender 52. He is last seen with Zoltar in the X-3's construction chamber, just before the Phoenix crashes through its wall 53. His name comes from scripts.
Voice: Ronnie Schell



Sheytan commands a ship Spectra uses to attack Riga. The attack was done simply to lure G-Force to the planet. Just before G-Force is able to destroy his ship, Sheytan and the entire crew escape. Zoltar contacts him saying that The Great Spirit wishes to talk to him personally 44.
Voice: William Woodson




A Spectra base Commander, who also commands a fleet of Whale Submarines. The base and all the submarines were destroyed by G-Force, but it is unknown if Skuldoon survived. 18.
Voice: Edward Andrews

Station 3

The Spectra spy who reports on G- Force's activities 96.
Voice: Edward Andrews



He is the chief of Secret Spectra Forces on Planet Riga. He is last seen revealing to Mark that his friend Tom is a Spectra agent 52.
Voice: William Woodson


Leader Timok

The Spectra soldier in charge of the lobster tanks on Shipwreck Island. He was on board the Whirly Knife as it was going down, but may have escaped when Zoltar launched an escape craft and got away 59.
Voice: Casey Kasem


Colonel Tu


When he rejects Zoltar's latest plan to conquer Earth, The Spirit brings Colonel Tu in to replace him as Spectra's leader. Tu's operation is called Operation Windfire, but it doesn't work either and he has to limp back to Spectra where he's demoted... leaving Zoltar back in charge 90.
Voice: Edward Andrews


Commander Typhon


Exiled from his home planet Scorpius, Typhon becomes an ally of Spectra when The Spirit says he possesses a weapon Spectra must have. Typhon escapes when G-Force board his monster and disable it from the inside 9.
Voice: Alan Young



The name of a Spectra soldier in a standard uniform. He is seen during pre-mission a briefing from Zoltar where a locust lands on his nose and he is also a senior crew member on board Spectra's King Locust machine. When Zoltar gives the order to abandon the King Locust, he, Voltek and the rest of the crew board an escape vehicle and get away 72.


Dr. Wold


A Spectra scientist who is told he will be given command of the entire scientific community by Zoltar if his Whirly Knife weapon works as well as promised. His assistant is Kilian. He was on board the Whirly Knife as it was going down, but may have escaped when Zoltar launched an escape craft and got away 59.




A female Spectra agent and member of the Galaxy Girls, who is the driver of the strange-looking car that tries to kill Anderson and Jason. Because of her failure, she is apparently replaced as commander on the Galaxy Girls' next mission by Lani Hill 31.
Voice: Takayo Fischer


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