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Voice actor, Alan Dinehart
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"Beeeyoootiful, why don't we just sit here and shake our fists at the thing?" Tiny, waiting to attack a Spectra monster 58

Tiny Harper is only member of G-Force with a known last name 1, 75. Occasionally, Chief Anderson will simply refer to him as "Harper 75."

Not much is known about Tiny's past. He comes from a small fishing village 75, 26 and has a couple friends there - Captain Jack and Jack's son Tommy. They apparently know he's a part of the G-Force team 75, 26. Tiny is adept at Scuba diving and he is able to pilot an underwater sled 26. He also knows how to operate heavy equipment 99 and how to drive a van 42. While on vacation, Tiny turns off his Wrist Activator 42, 75.

Tiny lives in a house with a body of water outside its front porch 65. He has admitted to keeping rare goldfish 55. Princess thinks Tiny is always dependable 75. He knows how to meditate, but doesn't always pick the best times to try it 89. Tiny does not like to rely on hunches 79. He enjoys baseball and horse racing 21 (although he doesn't bet), and works once as a pop vendor during an undercover mission at a baseball stadium 63.

Like Keyop, Tiny has affection for animals, once risking his and Jason's lives to put a splint on an injured baby deer while in the middle of a mission. He later refuses to fire on a Spectra monster when he sees a herd of deer in front of it that could be killed if caught in a firefight 73.

Although he isn't the best tactician, Tiny does occasionally come up with a plan to destroy Spectra ships 35. In this instance, his plan was later credited to Mark by 7-Zark-7!

Tiny's civilian appearance

Tiny in uniform

Tiny has spent time in the south seas and sometimes daydreams about a native girl that did a hula underneath the palms in the moonlight there just for him 6. Tiny seems to be girl crazy. According to 7-Zark-7, "Tiny is the strongest... but he's also the weakest when it comes to pretty girls 86." He once even falls for Zoltar in disguise as a planet guide and is very upset with himself afterwards, thinking he's a horrible spy for falling for the pretty girl 86. Not that his infatuations are one-sided - a girl named Alice once seems to be just as taken with Tiny, telling him she's never met anyone as macho as him before 44.

Tiny's main commitment is to G-Force however, and to the command ship Phoenix which he pilots. Tiny's piloting skills are unquestioned and he can make the Phoenix do just about anything. He is also chosen to pilot the Phoenix II, a special subterranean ship on an underground mission G-Force has to take 83. His skills are so good he is once able to pilot a Spectra ship and capture it intact for G-Force 45.

Tiny maintains control of a massive number of systems on the Phoenix, including super jets 36, ram jets 75, missiles, occasionally 75, the recycle monitor 15, reverse boosters 67, reserve jets 41, full jet 41, 88, forward thrusters 55, the infrared beam projector 2, auxiliary power 11, turbo jets 48, sonar sensors 10, turbo thrusters 10, the Phoenix's control system 47, radar scanners, ion drive capsules, electron blast motors, fusion mass reserves, turbo thrust, integrators 84, power boosters, jets 9, thermostatic regulators 37, repellor screen 45, full power boosters 49, impulse power 14, infra-scanners 7, full power 89, and a smokescreen defense 8.

Being the person in charge of the Phoenix, Tiny is often left behind on the ship while his teammates go out on missions 7. A fact he often complains about 32, 37, 96 thinking it's a waste of all his muscle 57 and saying always getting cut out of the action is giving him a complex 9. Even when not sitting on the ship, Tiny wants to see action with G-Force 5.

Mark usually tries to explain to him how important his position on the Phoenix is to G-Force 57, 93, but Tiny really puts up a fight in one instance, complaining "Mark! I always miss the fun! It's not fair! Princess can fly the Phoenix! Even Keyop! Jason never gets left behind! It's always me 93!"

Unfortunately, with the inactivity he faces, Tiny has a bad habit of falling asleep while waiting for the team on the Phoenix 75, 96, 26. One time Mark had been trying to reach him, but Tiny had removed his Wrist Activator and it took twenty minutes before Tiny woke up and responded. His actions result in the destruction of a ship by Spectra and Tiny getting suspended from G-Force by Chief Anderson 26.

Princess remarks during Tiny's suspension that she wishes he were there... since she feels like they're going to need him, and 7-Zark-7 says their whole operation is SNAFU without him. While he's on suspension, Tiny attempts to take out a Spectra base near his home town by himself 26.

In the instances where he does get to go on missions with the rest of the team, Tiny usually proves to be a great asset because of his phenomenal strength and fearless nature 1, 12, 73. Once in a while though, things backfire on him and he finds himself in binds 86, 26. As eager as he is for action, Tiny once refuses to fly a mission to firebomb some invading Spectra flowers, when Princess is trapped in one and doing so may kill her 39.

Generally good-natured, Tiny can get agitated quickly, even at his own teammates. Once he tries to show Jason how to use tact when Mark won't respond to any of them. Tiny talks to Mark who still won't respond, and he gets so angry within a few seconds that Princess has to restrain him from slugging Mark himself 90!

He is always promising to go on a diet, which Princess says he's been doing every year as long as she's known him 52. But when simply seeing the rest of G-Force being active in the Ready Room makes him hungry 89, his diet may only be a dream. His favorite food is Spaceburgers 73 and he likes to have these after missions 67. Sometime he eats up to five at a time 52, 97. When they get improved with a new protein concentrate, he eats ten once 88! He is once upset that the lunchroom Princess is looking after for a friend doesn't serve Spaceburgers 39.

Jason ribs Tiny about his Spaceburger habit 17, even commenting that Tiny's starting to look like one of his favorite treats 52. Jason is convinced that nothing could ever kill his appetite 67. However, Tiny once thinks he's had his fill of Spaceburgers because sitting around and waiting has killed his appetite 23. But other times, sitting around gives him a nervous appetite 97. For anyone who is curious, Tiny likes his favorite treat with cheese, relish and tomatoes 96. Tiny also likes the hot chocolate at Disco Don's, thinking they have the best in the Galaxy 79.

Tiny rarely ever uses his gun, but he does have one. It is similar in nature to Jason's Cable Gun. Tiny has fired the gun on missions a couple times 48, 63, 83 and even once used its butt-end to knock a hole through a wall 93. It can have a suction cup device attached to its front end when needed 48.

Tiny does not have a regular personal vehicle.

Tiny's Phoenix

As with the rest of the G-Force team, Tiny has been enhanced with mysterious powers via Cerebonic implants 1. The nature of the Cerebonic implants and their locations have never been revealed.

In his civilian life Tiny wears a green and yellow shirt with an orange number 5 on its front. Along with that he has tan bell-bottom pants, brown shoes that look like slippers and finally a sky blue and yellow Wrist Activator. This is pretty much the civilian uniform for G-Force, each member has similar styling with different colors.

Tiny's G-Force uniform is dark brown with dark green boots and gloves and a brown interior for his cape-wings. His helmet is green with orange and yellow accents and a grayish transparent visor. The belt on his uniform has a large yellow and red "G" buckle, and includes a holster for his gun on its right side and two pouches on its left side.

In the regular series, Tiny was portrayed by longtime Hanna-Barbera voice director and actor, Alan Dinehart (II). In addition to Tiny's role, he also portrayed Chief Anderson. In the pilot episode 1, Tiny was portrayed by Ronnie Schell, who landed the role of Jason for the regular series.

The Japanese creators of Ryu modeled him after actor Osami Nabe.



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