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"I don't deal in ideologies, just security." Chief Anderson 100

Security Chief Anderson's background is a mystery, even more so than the members of G-Force. His first name has never been disclosed and he has no known family.

What is known is that Anderson is the Chief or Head of Intergalactic Security 62, also called the Chief of Security for the Intergalactic Federation 54. That job entails briefing G-Force on their missions and acting as their superior and intermediary between the other heads of the Intergalactic Federation. He is sometimes called "Doctor Anderson 84" or "Mr. Anderson 44." Anderson rarely takes vacations, but when he does, he can usually be found at Camp Parker, which can double as Security Headquarters while he's there 11.

At the top level of Security, Anderson frequently interacts with the Federation's President Kane 5, 47. Anderson is part of, and/or knows most of the organization's plans and operations 11, 79. Anderson also knows, or is known of by all of the Federation's scientists 30, 88. In one instance, Anderson is targeted by Dr. Strecker, an ex-Federation scientist who goes to work for Spectra when he feels he Anderson wrongly fired him 84.

Chief Anderson is G-Force's direct superior within the Federation and he briefs the team before many of their missions 58, 25, 41, 55, 73, 11, 48, 68, 54, 83, 12, 42, 47, 84, 5, 37, 49, 71, 86, 96, 14, 7, 88, 100, 65, 77, 23, 51, 63, 69, 93, 98, 43, 72, 101, 31, 79, 26, 52, 53, 70, 39, 40, 91, 95. Most of the time this takes place in his briefing room in Center Neptune 69, but sometimes it happens over monitors while the team is on the Phoenix 1, or elsewhere like at his mountain retreat 31. Anderson is responsible for sometimes sending recon groups to areas to check out before sending G-Force in 15.

Chief Anderson has the ability to give G-Force orders and to dispatch them as needed. He cares deeply for G-Force's well-being, and is always the first to consider their safety before missions. Several times he has denied them permission to go on missions if he doesn't feel the team has enough information to come away victorious 23, 44. 7. It is never easy for him to put G-Force in situations that can become very dangerous 70. He even ends up locking G-Force in his briefing room once to prevent them from going on a mission he thinks is a trap 93.

Occasionally Anderson will send members of G-Force on separate solo missions, depending on their individual strengths 89, 95. Anderson will even accompany the team once in a while and ride on board the Phoenix 26, 3, 97. Although Anderson directly controls G-Force 11, 68, he doesn't always have the final word in the team's actions. Anderson has needed to confer with Security in order to confirm orders for G-Force, or to see how far they are cleared to act on a mission 40. Between them, the Federation, Anderson, President Kane and 7-Zark-7 can countermand orders given by Mark 23. Anderson is also able to grant additional security clearances to G-Force members when necessary 25.

In addition to his security responsibilities, Anderson also acts as a top-level scientist and works on many crucial research programs within the Federation 1. In some instances, Anderson has created entire Federation projects like the Lorelei rocket program 97. He also supervises all of the scientists at Center Neptune 55 and actively participates in G-Force's missions by analyzing technology, data and samples they supply to him 39, 40, 55, 26, 7, 96, 65. He is very knowledgeable about Spectra, especially about its organization, technology 76 and leaders 10.

Anderson is a no-nonsense, stern person 76 without much evidence of a sense of humor. It is his job to suspect everyone until they are checked out 11. He is a stickler for rules and regulations 26, 76, and once refuses to send help to planet Riga when Spectra attacks, because they haven't formally requested it. He even threatens to ground G-Force if they strike out on their own to help the planet 44.

Chief Anderson comes down hard on G-Force when they make mistakes. When Tiny takes off his Wrist Activator and falls asleep while on duty, Anderson suspends him from the team temporarily 26. He even goes so far as to say the whole Galaxy is in jeopardy once because Tiny failed to respond to a Red Alert 75. When Princess accidentally loses her G-Force shoe, Anderson is furious and tells her she's of no use to the team until they can get the shoe back 74.

Although he seems harsh, Chief Anderson is also the team's biggest supporter and is willing to listen to ideas they have about stopping enemy plots 55. After one successful mission, he organizes a day of celebration for the team when they return 15. He believes so strongly in G-Force's abilities, that he stakes the very freedom of Earth on their success 53.

Security Chief Anderson's lab

In a very real sense, Anderson has acted as a father to Mark. Until he reveals it to G-Force, Anderson is the only one in the organization to know that Colonel Cronus is Mark's father. When Mark was just a boy, Anderson chose Cronus to head a long-term mission to Riga. Cronus left Mark, who was then four years old, in Anderson's care. Cronus never wanted Mark to know he was still alive. Mark abandons G-Force to search for his father on Riga and Anderson knows it is wrong not to tell Mark the truth. Anderson blames himself for the mess 52.

Chief Anderson has a strong sense of honor and of right and wrong. When Mark uses an extreme method of obtaining information from a Spectra agent, Anderson wants to know if what they learn justifies the treatment. He does not want to stoop to Spectra's level to learn important information 54. Anderson has proven himself willing to give up his own life to defend the Federation and keep its secrets from getting into Spectra's hands 92.

Chief Anderson was portrayed by longtime Hanna-Barbera voice director and actor, Alan Dinehart (II). He also played Tiny for all but the series pilot.



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