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Voice actor, Ronnie Schell
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"...in our work, sentiment is risky. Gotta keep your guard up." Jason 61

No last name is ever given for Jason. He is sometimes called "Jase" for short by Princess, 77 Mark 99 and Tiny 89. He has no known family.

Jason is very independent 90 and capable, but just a trifle eager 1 and hotheaded sometimes 1, 23. He can be distracted and non-responsive 67. Tiny thinks he has an "awful short fuse 57." He can also be very defensive when he thinks he knows what others think about him 76. He is emotional 1 and sometimes a little difficult to get along with, but he is a valuable member of G-Force 12. He does not call for help unless something is really wrong 99. Princess has described him as a "Regular one-man army 101."

On G-Force, Jason serves as the Phoenix's navigator 67. As the team's best marksman 90, Jason is also normally in control of firing the weapons on board the Phoenix. He is known to carry a bolt-action rifle 101, and he also spends time target practicing with the gun mounted in his Spacemobile to hone his feel on the trigger 90. In addition to his Cable Gun 12, Jason carries Feathered Darts (unnamed in the series, but this is what they are called in scripts) which he can throw 76, or even spit 95 with uncanny accuracy. He is also knowledgeable about the defense systems of planets and facilities 5, 42.

At one point, Jason is taking courses over at the JC (Junior College) to brush up on Retro-Ignition Systems and new Thermal Timing Transmissions 72. He has paramedic skills 98, can skin dive 9, may enjoy hang gliding 58, plays Ping-Pong with Mark 9, 17, 23, 47, 52, 53, 59, 72, 97 and has even acted as the scorekeeper at a baseball game 63.

Jason's civilian appearance

Jason in uniform

In his personal life, Jason is one of the world's best race car drivers 27. We get to see him taking place in an unnamed race 76 and in the African 9000 Mile Obstacle Race 27. He also mentions he will be taking part in the Australian 5000 Mile Kangaroo Derby 72 at one point. As part of a "punishment" for breaking the rules, 7-Zark-7 once chose Jason to represent the Intergalactic Federation in the Interstellar 500 Stock Car Race 76. Jason is very mobile because of his racing and his only home is a camper which he tows with his vehicle 65.

He is naturally suspicious of people, such as Amelia on Space Island 25 and Orin's friend, Gino 43, but usually with good cause. He has been known to gripe about "impossible assignments 97." Jason isn't a very outgoing or humorous person and has even been referred to as "The great stone face" by Tiny 77.

Although he is impulsive, he does realize that discretion and finesse are important, like suggesting that the team check for clues in India quietly like any other tourists 80, calling for less brash attack techniques, when Tiny wanted to crash the Phoenix into a Spectra base to help rescue some captured astronauts 2, refusing to rush headlong into a dangerous situation to rescue Keyop when he thought it was too risky 73, or suggesting less harsh interrogation techniques to Mark 54.

While his first instinct may be to simply fire missiles into Spectra machines and monsters - the team has had to physically restrain Jason from doing so a couple times 73, 4 - he has also come up with other solutions to dealing with Spectra threats, such as his novel idea to use water to flood a swarm of Spectra robot ants out of a Solar Fusion Plant 10. Plus he came up with an idea to make a phony call to Center Neptune in order to draw Zoltar into making a transmission so G-Force could get a fix on him 55.

Jason does not like to sit around and watch Spectra get the upper hand , and he isn't shy about letting others know his views 33, 48, 23, 90. He openly questions Mark's leadership, especially when he thinks Mark gives too much leeway to Spectra's monsters 6, 23, 35. Jason freely admits to wanting command of G-Force 52, and of being tired of being the "number-two man," unable able to show what he can do 101.

Tensions between Mark and Jason can get very elevated 90 sometimes arguing in the middle of missions about who is in charge 23 to the point of Jason ignoring Mark's orders 6, 39, 73. 7-Zark-7 thinks Jason needs to learn how to follow orders, and he hopes Jason is patient enough to follow whatever plans of action Mark comes up with 90.

On the other hand, when Mark is aggressive against Spectra, Jason usually supports his actions, even when it once led to losing the Phoenix 67. Jason is never one to back out of a mission Mark thinks will be rough 22. He even stands up for Mark and his choices... just not always in his presence 3.

Jason has had command of the Phoenix and G-Force in Mark's absence 62, 61, 52, 53. He is also capable of flying the the ship, although that's really not his job and it usually happens while other members of G-Force are unavailable 26, 99. One time he was unable to save the ship when Tiny was incapacitated 48. Even Chief Anderson appears unsure of Jason's command abilities, once secretly asking Princess to "help Jason out" with his command before they went on a mission with him in charge 53.

Jason gets very angry when he's left out of missions 31, 101, and sometimes strikes off on his own when he thinks there is too much red tape keeping him away from any action 101. He has also turned off his Wrist Activator in the middle of a crisis when he didn't want to talk with 7-Zark-7 98.

While Jason does have a strong bark... and bite, his teammates are not afraid to come back at him when they think he's gone too far. Princess 7, 31, Keyop 90, Tiny 62, 77, 90 and Mark 55, 73 have all let Jason have a little taste of his own sarcasm.

Despite his independent leanings, Jason is dedicated to G-Force and gets very upset when others let the team down - especially Mark 52. Of his fellow teammates, Jason seems to care about Princess the most 7, 39, 40.

He has shown a great deal of compassion for other people that enter his life like Myra Wade 98, Lucy 27 and Tyna 70. He has been seen with tears in his eyes when he has thought members of his team have died 23.

Jason seems to be the unfortunate victim of being the first to get hit with new Spectra weapons, including the Cryno Gun 57 and the Anti-Transmute Ray 76.

Once in a while, Jason suffers from a temporary disorder that makes him see double images and makes his left hand numb. This appears to be brought on by seeing bright lights or reflections and is exacerbated by overwork and his imagination 98. During another occasion after hitting his head, he is doing so poorly he falls out of the Whirlwind Pyramid formation twice. Jason is too proud to admit anything is wrong, but when he nearly collapses into Tiny's arms, Mark sends him back to the Phoenix for the remainder of the mission 99.

Because of his impulsiveness Jason is constantly having to learn lessons that are at odds with his instincts, like the fact that people are innocent until proven guilty 25 and that the success of G-Force depends on teamwork, and teamwork depends on the ability of each G-Force member to follow orders 90. At the end of the day, Jason is not above making peace and apologizing when he recognizes he is wrong 23, 25.

Jason's primary weapon is a Cable Gun 12. It can be fitted with a variety of items that attach to its front and rear and it uses a special trigger that allows its cable to fire from both ends 88. Items that attach to the Cable Gun include crescent-shaped edged projectiles 63, 36, explosive projectiles 73, suction cups 48 and special drill bits 18, 6, 61, 93, 101. The drill is strong enough to go through solid steel 6. When the drill is attached to the cable and fired it can stick into surfaces 74, 83. The gun's cable acts as a lifeline/tether and can support the weight of at least two people such as Jason and a girl roughly the same size as Princess 74 or Jason and Tiny 48. It is also able to winch the combined weight of Jason and Tiny 48. The winch is operated via a button on the top rear of the gun 88. When the cables from Jason and Tiny's similar weapon are used together, they can support the weight of Mark, Jason and Tiny 48. Jason's gun also has a small hollow compartment in its handgrip 101. Finally, it can be used as a blowtorch when fuel canisters are screwed onto its rear end. Jason carries these canisters on the left side of his G-Force belt 92.

Jason's G-Force vehicle In civilian mode looks like stock racing car with a manual transmission (it has a clutch) and it is left hand drive 98. In Full G-Force Mode, it is called the Spacemobile 12, 57, 21. The Spacemobile looks like a racing car and has a centerline machine gun, 67, 88, 89 called a "Space Weapon" by 7-Zark-7 90, and a "Freeze Ray Weapon" by Jason 90. The weapon is controlled by buttons to the right of Jason's seat 67. The Spacemobile can be driven in snow 37, and also up vertical walls 47. It is stored in the front nose section of the Phoenix and held in place by Grapples 17.

Jason's private vehicle and Spacemobile in Full G-Force Mode

As with the rest of the G-Force team, Jason has been enhanced with mysterious powers via Cerebonic implants 1. The nature of the Cerebonic implants and their locations have never been revealed.

In his civilian life, Jason wears a blue and red shirt with a yellow number 2 on its front. Along with that he has light blue bell-bottom pants, dark blue shoes that look like slippers and finally a sky blue and yellow Wrist Activator. This is pretty much the civilian uniform for G-Force, each member has similar styling with different colors.

Jason's G-Force uniform is maroon with dark blue boots and gloves. His cape-wings are dark blue with a light blue interior. His helmet is black with maroon and red accents and a purple transparent visor. The belt on his uniform has a large yellow and red "G" buckle, and includes a holster for his Cable Gun 12 on its right side, and two pouches on its left side. The pouches include a variety of items including Astro Bombs 61. Jason also carries various attachments for his Cable Gun 12 in the pouches, including drill heads 74, 93,101 and fuel canisters 92 that allow his gun to be used as a cutting torch. At least one time, Jason wore a wristwatch over his right uniform glove 42.

In the regular series, Jason was portrayed by acting and stand-up comic veteran, Ronnie Schell. Schell played Tiny in the pilot episode 1, while actor David Jolliffe played Jason.

The Japanese creators of Joe modeled him after popular American action film star Steve McQueen.



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