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"A pair of wings, a stick and the wild blue yonder..." Mark, flying his plane while enjoying a brief period of calm 11.

No last name is ever given for Mark. 7-Zark-7 and his teammates often refer to him simply as "Commander." He is a natural, very emotionally involved leader who has been given the task of commanding G-Force 1. He and G-Force swore an oath to protect the Earth 39.

His father disappeared years earlier and Mark has been told he is dead - even Zoltar, in a very cruel manner, told Mark that his father had been killed 61. But Mark has never believed this 52.

Mark's care was entrusted to Chief Anderson when he was four years old, which was fourteen years earlier. This makes Mark about eighteen years old during the storyline 52. He may have had a brother as he once visited a grave site and touched the headstone while saying "Brother 90." At some point in his past he attended a Space Academy and made a friend there named Tom 52.

Mark does not drink 61 and he doesn't trust what he can't see 68. He possesses many useful skills, such as the ability to fly airplanes 1 and drive cars 54 and motorcycles 3. Plus, he's able to both skin dive 9 and scuba dive 26. Mark has some electronics abilities as well, such as when he reprograms Zoltar's Gravity Ray Gun to self-destruct 55. He has amazing mimicry abilities, once passing himself off as Zoltar 42 and later as the voice of Amon-Ra to scare Zoltar 69. Other skills include being able to develop photographs in the traditional manner 90, and playing Ping-Pong with Jason during G-Force's off time 9, 17, 23, 47, 52, 53, 59, 72, 97.

Mark also meditates on occasion 23. He is very good at learning through observation, at least twice seeing things in normal life that trigger plans on stopping Spectra machines 44, 23.

Mark's civilian appearance

Mark in uniform

He has been known to exhibit preternatural feelings about upcoming trouble, such as having a strange feeling all day about seeing Center Neptune being wiped out 91, being suspicious of (a fake) Chief Anderson 68, or having cold fingers crawling up and down his spine on Planet Odin 51. His hunches usually bear out just as he figures.

Mark flies reconnaissance missions for G-Force 18, as well as sometimes acting as a test pilot for the Federation 7. He is described as both a "beautiful pilot" 61 and "skilled pilot" 12 by 7-Zark-7 61. He lives in a shack that he rents on a small airfield 2, 6, 52 and he keeps his airplane beside it.

Mark does have days off from G-Force 2, and he likes to fly his single-engine plane for pleasure 67, 11, saying that it's nice to be out of touch once in a while 75. He has admitted to sometimes turning off his Wrist Activator when he's flying alone 75. He has even removed it at times when he sleeps 65, although doing so is against regulations 26.

Mark can be as moody as Jason, asking to be left alone on occasion 23. He is sometimes depressed or cranky for no apparent reason 61, 90. He is not above shooting sarcastic remarks back at Jason or others when he's irritated or frustrated. 55, 96, 97, 90. There can be serious tension between him and Jason 90. But he is also concerned when he thinks Jason is ticked-off at him 101. He calls Jason "Jase" sometimes 99.

He has a proud and stubborn streak that can be considered annoying and unusually dangerous to his fellow teammates. In one instance he refused to fly the Phoenix because, "That's Tiny's job," even though by doing so, it would have saved G-Force from a morale-crushing defeat 75. All this despite the fact that he can actually pilot the Phoenix 73. This stubbornness also extends to caring for the safety of his team though. Sometimes he will hold G-Force back if he can't figure out a way to easily defeat an enemy 90, 23. Mark has made the offer to sacrifice his life in order to save his team and the Earth 22, 26, 53.

Mark is not all that wild about Planet Spectra 57. He is willing to go to extreme measures to get answers or information from Spectra collaborators, such as torturing suspects like Gartz 54. He is pretty harsh on traitors to the Federation until they prove themselves... like thinking Dr. Strecker doesn't deserve rehabilitation after cooperating with Spectra 84. Although he sometimes has compassion for people collaborating with Spectra that he thinks are good at heart, like Dr. Gregg 79.

Mark admits to getting edgy when Zoltar is quiet 69. He has whistled an unsettling tune more than once to get Zoltar's attention 80, 93. He has had numerous chances to confront Zoltar face-to-face 55, but is frustrated at all the times he "let Zoltar get away 92."

Mark is willing to buck the Federation's and/or Chief Anderson's authority at times when he thinks he's in the right 62. The whole team went along when he defied Chief Anderson's orders not to help out Colonel Cronus during a Spectra raid on Riga 44. Mark even went as far as to shut communications off on purpose on this mission 44. But actions like this usually lead to Mark's detriment. Later, when he follows Cronus against Anderson's orders again, it turns out to be Zoltar in disguise 61. Also, when he goes to Riga on another occasion to look for his father, it is an elaborate Spectra setup to capture him 52, 53. Mark once turns the tables and disguises himself as Colonel Cronus when G-Force is trying to defeat Zoltar's Anti-Transmute ray 76.

Mark gets ready to go after the Metamorphosizer 16.

He sees G-Force as his life with little chance at anything beyond, remarking to Princess once when she was wishing she could stay in a beautiful spot of the world; "It's not for us, Princess. We're programmed for G-Force 75." Mark does one time mention he really likes an area of Riga and would like to someday build a home there, "A real get-away-from-it-all" place 44.

Despite his strong feelings for the team, Mark has several times given up 4, 40 or threatened to resign his command of G-Force for different reasons 90. Alternately, he can be very protective of his command to the point of getting hostile and suspicious that others, like Jason, want to take over when his own orders are countermanded 23. He also takes the brunt of responsibility upon himself when things go wrong like Princess' apparent death 41 and losing the Phoenix in battle 67.

He and Princess have a special fondness for each other and Mark sneaks in little asides once in a while for Princess' benefit. When she said "It's creepy, I don't enjoy looking at myself down there like that," upon seeing a mannequin of herself, Mark responded, "I've always enjoyed looking at you, Princess 62." Keyop is aware of the pair's attraction to one another and has teased them about it 1, 1-Rover-1 is also aware, but Mark trusts him to be able to keep it a secret 23. Mark has spurned the interest of women like Amanda Gregg due to both his duties to G-Force and attraction to Princess. He feels his life is so dangerous it isn't fair to ask anyone to share it 79.

Since Mark has known Chief Anderson for a long time, he can anticipate his orders 3. He has had other close friends such as Dr. Harlan, a seismologist at the Borden Institute, who was "like a father" to Mark. Harlan is one of the few people outside of the program to know Mark is on G-Force 4. There is also Colonel Cronus, with whom Mark has served several times in defense of the Galaxy 22, 44, 61. Both Colonel Cronus and Mark have great admiration and respect for one another 61. Mark actually feels he owes his life to Colonel Cronus 44, 61 and he also recounts having saved Cronus' life three times 51.

It makes some sense that he has a fondness for Colonel Cronus, for he is Mark's real father 52. Up to that point, Mark had been told by Chief Anderson that his father was the Federation's top pilot who either died in a plane accident 52, or had been killed in his sleep by a Spectra agent 54. However, Mark believed his father to be alive and missing for most of his life 52. Through Cronus, Mark has a baby brother or stepbrother named Timmy. Timmy's mother is alive, but it is not revealed if she is also Mark's mother 51.

Mark and Princess stop in to see 7-Zark-7 at the end of their missions once in a while 49. Mark thinks 7-Zark-7 is a genius 70,

Mark's primary weapon is his Sonic Boomerang 1, 67. The Sonic Boomerang can stun people when thrown close to them 60, its sound causes temporary concussions 1. When thrown, the nose tip is sharp enough that it can stick into other metal objects 62. It can be filled with explosives when required and it has a timer mechanism to delay detonation 83, 44. The tip of its nose unscrews and can be filled with additional explosives 99, or can accept other charges such as one of Princess' Fusion Cylinders from her Yo-yo Bomb 44. Mark carries explosives that can be placed into the nose of his Sonic Boomerang 62. In his civilian clothes, Mark keeps his Sonic Boomerang in a hidden pocket in the right leg of his pants 95.

Mark's private vehicle is a standard, one-person single-engine prop plane, until it is transmuted into its Full G-Force Mode when it is then called the Sonic Jet 12. Mark's civilian airplane can offer protection against radiation 3. It also has the ability to dump its fuel if needed 39. The Sonic Jet can hover via rockets on its underside 21, 89 and it also has a set of reverse rocket thrusters high on the rear centerline to assist it with docking on board the Phoenix 11 (called "Link Up" 4). It is stored in the upper Launch Bay of the Phoenix 16 and held in place there by Hydraulic Arms 52. First weaponless, the Sonic Jet is later given a set of powerful twin laser cannons that can be fired from a hatch on its top centerline, just behind the cockpit 67, 74, 88, 89.


Mark's airplane and Sonic Jet in Full G-Force Mode

As with the rest of the G-Force team, Mark has been enhanced with mysterious powers via Cerebonic implants 1. The full capabilities of the Cerebonic implants and their locations have never been revealed.

In his civilian life, Mark wears a red and turquoise shirt with a yellow number 1 on its front. Along with that he has white bell-bottom pants, black shoes that look like slippers and finally a sky blue and yellow Wrist Activator. This is pretty much the civilian uniform for G-Force, each member has similar styling with different colors.

Mark's G-Force uniform is white with blue boots and gloves and a red interior for his cape-wings. His helmet is white with red and black accents and a blue transparent visor. The belt on his uniform has a large yellow and red "G" buckle and includes a holster for his Sonic Boomerang on its right side and two pouches on its left side. The pouches include a variety of items including Astro Bombs 61, homing devices and more. The boots on his uniform appear to have magnetic qualities if needed 22.

Mark was never given a last name. Sources which claim his name is "Mark Venture" are incorrect. This name originates from confusion over the lead character's name from the later animated series Star Blazers.

Mark was portrayed by radio personality and voice acting veteran, Casey Kasem. Kasem's most notable roles before Mark were those of Shaggy in multiple Scooby-Doo series and as Robin in a number of Batman and Super Friends incarnations.

The Japanese creators of Ken modeled him after actor Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba, a very popular Japanese action movie star.



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