Nerve Center Control - See Center Neptune Control


Oceanographic Research - Issues an Emergency Report, code classified Condition Critical to Susan about pollution 55.

Operation Fireball - When G-Forces individual vehicles separate from the Phoenix while in Fiery Phoenix mode, and they become smaller versions of the Fiery Phoenix. Operation Fireball is activated after starting IP Warp Through 58.

Operation Solodium - A Federation name for the process of extracting Solodium from the Atlantic Ocean 36.

Organ Regeneration Formula - This research on molecular genetics is being developed by Professor Wilde and will allow for the stronger and better regrowth of lost human limbs 14.

Outer Planetary Patrols - These are used to detect invaders. The Spectra Ball machine slips by them and Susan feels devastated because of it 23.


Personnel Infra-Detectors - A small, disc-shaped device that is stored in the back pouch in Princess' G-Force belt. it is placed inside their wrist communicators to operate. It blinks with a red light when working and causes the tops of their wrist communicators to blink on and off with a red light, plus the emit a bleeping noise, which gets higher when it finds a life sign. They are also called "Anti-detection activators" by 7-Zark-7. These make it impossible for 7-Zark-7 to contact them by radio 76.

Phase Discriminating Amplifier - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses this to see if he can give G-Force a lead on the location of the underwater alien base 2.

Phaser Beams - Equipment in Center Neptune. A scanning device used by 7-Zark-7. It fails to locate a Spectra ship that has infiltrated the Research Building 91.

The Phoenix - See separate entry here.

Photon Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses this to detect changes in the orbits of stars. He can then use that information to determine if something has moved past them 4.

Plasma Shield - Princess tries superimposing these over the Phaser Oscillating Units at the Conway Complex to see what reading they get 101.

Portable Tracking Device - This is used to track the Beeper affixed to a baby whale as it leads them to a Spectra base on Earth 18.

Project Zulu - The code name for the mining operation on Sytron Island where Earth's Galactite Hydronium is mined 45.

Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. These once pick up an unusual "herd" of whales 18.

Protective Shield - A transparent second skin that works well on women. Wearing it will allow Princess to survive inside one of Spectra's flower monsters. it has a slight sheen to it 39. Also called a "Synthetic Second Skin" by 7-Zark-7 40.

Protein Formula - Invented by Professor Starke, it is formula for duplicating animal protein rom common soil, down to the last amino acid 88.

Proton Lasers - Jason once suggests going outside the Phoenix and using these to destroy a multitude of creatures. Possibly handguns 15.

Psychometer - Equipment in Center Neptune. This indicates smooth sailing for G-Force on their way back to Earth 9.


Quantum Thermometer - A device used by Dr. Gorky to check the status of his equipment 100.


Radar Fix - 7-Zark-7 thought he had a this on a Spectra shark robot on his screen, but it turned out to simply be a fly 55.

Radio Silence - G-Force once goes into this indicating a serious situation 8. G-Force once go into this when they arrive at planet Riga 52.

Range Scanners - Used by 7-Zark-7 to detect the locations of enemies. These once fail when he uses to try to find Spectra's Giant Gautama 58.

Readout Error - 7-Zark-7 is embarrassed at this when he thought the fly on his screen was a Spectra shark robot 55.

Receiver - See Wrist Activators

Receptors - Equipment in Center Neptune 48. 7-Zark-7 uses these to locate a Spectra sub 55. One of these goes dead once as 7-Zark-7 is monitoring some ships 71.

Recon Unit - Sent by Chief Anderson to investigate interference on planet Riga. They are an investigating team, not a fighting unit. They use five-man white helicopters equipped with Diotherm Scanners, and are dispatched from a mother ship. Also called a "Survey Team" by Mark 15.

Red Alert - Mark calls for this to the rest of G-Force, when they are closing in on the Spectra monster and because he thinks the monster has a fix on the Conway Building. 7-Zark-7 calls one, when he finds a Spectra Monster in the Northern Hemisphere, Sector 40, Grid Ten 75. 7-Zark-7 issues one when he calls G-Force after the Space Octopus attack 67. 7-Zark-7 issues this to the planet monitors when a Spectra rocket is spotted entering Earth's galaxy 80. 7-Zark-7 issues one of these over loudspeakers in Bay City to order its evacuation 18. 7-Zark-7 issues one of these when he sees the pollution at Oceanographic Research 55. Also doubles as a Condition Critical 55. These are "shot" to 7-Zark-7 by the Intergalactic Early Warning System, and he subsequently relays them to G-Force 61. These can be set to Center Neptune through G-Force's Wrist Activators 61. 7-Zark-7 calls one of these in to Weather Control, warning them about a destructive typhoon-like storm 30. 7-Zark-7 notifies G-Force with one of these when he identifies the invading force as a swarm of insects 10. Susan issues one to 7-Zark-7 about an unidentified object launched from Spectra 65. 7-Zark-7 contacts G-Force with one of these in their Ready Room about Spectra's Ball monster 23. Susan has one of these for 7-Zark-7, to notify him of a UFO heading towards Planet Zeebor 93. Mark contacts Tiny with one of these once, which he also calls a "Bandit contact 26." 7-Zark-7 issues one of these about UFOs landing in the Himalayan mountains 95.

Red Alert Emergency - 7-Zark-7 informs Security that it is on this during the Spectra flower crisis until further notice 40.

Red Code Priority Call - Extreme emergency code 7-Zark-7 uses to call Mark and Keyop into action 8.

Red Mist Missile System - A defense against Spectra's submarines. It is launched by Keyop and releases a red mist into the water 89.

Reference Voltage Generator - Part of the Synchronous Image Amplifier that malfunctions 31.

Refined Intelligence Bank - Equipment in Center Neptune that stores the names of all Spectra agents operating on Earth 57.

Remote Control Defense Forces - Planet Arcturus has these, but they can't hold off Spectra's Cuttlefish monster 33.

Remote-Controlled Cargo Planes - Used to airlift trucks of emergency rations to Stellar City 84.

Remote-Controlled Fighter Planes - These are ordered in by Security to fight Spectra's Ball UFO until G-Force can arrive 23.

Remote Sky Cameras - These devices capture film footage of the Giant Gautama as it breaks into a Federation research center to steal the Jet Cutter device 58.

Remote Sensor Probes - These once tell 7-Zark-7 that Spectra has taken over an energy center by force 97.

Remote Spectrographical Analysis - 7-Zark-7 uses this on a mysterious horn that G-Force finds 96.

Report - Mark says Keyop should be put on this for acting on his own 49.

Riga Fighter Escort - Made up of three Riga Fighter jets 11. They are commanded by Col. Cronus. The planes have machine guns and missiles 44.

Rigan Air Defenses - Manned, silver-colored jet fighters with two man crews 15.

Robot Land Vehicles - These are ordered in by Security to fight Spectra's Ball UFO until G-Force can arrive. They have rows of missile launchers 23.

Robot Planes - Used by the Federation to defend areas 41, 101. Sent to planet Exor to see what is happening in their biggest city 68. Also called "Robot Fighter Planes," they can launch missiles 84. Also called "Robot-Controlled Planes 60." Some of these sneak up on Mark while he's flying his prop plane on planet Odin 51.

Rocket Drill - A large, three foot long device with a huge drill head and multiple rockets on its tail. It drills and pulls itself automatically through the ground. One is lifted and deployed by Keyop to rapidly dig a hole through the ground to a hidden Spectra base 18.

Rotor Force - Another name for the Whirlwind Pyramid. Referred to as this by Jason 1.


Scanner - 7-Zark-7 can see the Phoenix wrapped up and dragged underwater on this 90.

Scanner Frequency - A frequency used by Susan to monitor objects in space 95.

Scanner Probes - Based on Earth. The Spirit hopes these will be blocked by Earth's magnetic currents 67.

Scanners - Equipment in Center Neptune 57, 80. 7-Zark-7 keeps these sharply tuned to watch over Jason during a race 27. 7-Zark-7 uses these to probe every street and alley in Bomber's Bay on Arcturus to look for Keyop and Princess 33. 7-Zark-7 uses these to scan Earth's oceans to see what Spectra's Ball UFO is up to 23. 7-Zark-7 has been using these to pinpoint the location of a Spectra bomb 63. Video monitors that 7-Zark-7 uses to look in on Zeebor 93. These have been working overtime since Spectra's plan to bring down Earth's Van Allen Belts was successful 53.

Scramble - 7-Zark-7 orders G-Force to do this and assemble on the Phoenix 67. Also called a "G-Force Scramble 14."

Sealed Orders - 7-Zark-7 sends G-Force out into space once with sealed orders. They can't open them until they near their destination 8.

Security - 7-Zark-7 notifies them that an alien object is heading towards the Intergalactic Research Laboratory building 24. 7-Zark-7 contacts them to let them know a Spectra object is landing at the Kingdom of Beldania on Earth 77. Orders Robot Land Vehicles and Remote-Controlled Fighter Jets in to fight Spectra's Ball UFO until G-Force can arrive 23. 7-Zark-7 notifies them of the UFO heading for Zeebor 93.

Security Channel - A communications channel. This is once jammed and 7-Zark-7 can't get through to Princess at a disco 10.

Security Clearance - Mark requests this from Chief Anderson to fly to Space Island 25.

Security Frequency - A special communications frequency 7-Zark-7 can tune into 65.

Security Perimeters - The area that 7-Zark-7 keeps constant watch over, it is defined in Cosmic Manual 8B and includes the entire Universe 87.

Selenite - A metal Spectra is mining on planet Alpha-Three for their latest weapon 69.

Sensitive Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. These fail to locate the area where Spectra's Peacock ship disappeared 80. 7-Zark-7 tunes these in to watch planet Spectra 41. 7-Zark-7 uses these to monitor a Spectra sub 55. 7-Zark-7is able to tell where a Spectra craft lands on Earth due to this 91.

Semi-Ballistic Re-entry - The Phoenix is cleared for this upon returning to Earth 57.

Sensors - Equipment in Center Neptune. These tell 7-Zark-7 that danger is approaching Bay City on Earth 18. These indicate a typhoon-like storm velocity is four times greater than any recorded 30. 7-Zark-7 turns these up to locate the missile of spacecraft coming from Spectra for Earth 90. 7-Zark-7 uses these to tell that a Spectra object launched at Earth will land in the kingdom of Beldania 77. 7-Zark-7 keeps these sharp, even during ten second oil breaks 93.

The Solar Express - The first monorail to circle the globe. If it goes into operation it will decrease Earth's vulnerability to invasion and conquest 31.

Solarcopic Range Finders - These find recent Spectra activity at Mt. Kamila on Earth 86.

Solar Refractor - A device created by Dr. Baxter that magnifies he Sun's rays. It is not a weapon. It can focus a beam of Solar energy equal to a 10 million kiloton nuclear charge. Dr. Baxter also calls it a "Solar Magna-Reflector 37."

Solar System Code - A code that must be transmitted so ships can be recognized as Earth / Federation friendly 45.

Solodium - A mineral Scientists have been extracting from the Atlantic Ocean near Portugal, to convert into a powerful new energy. The method of converting the mineral to energy exists as a top secret formula which must be decoded to be used 36.

Sonar Amplifiers - Equipment in Center Neptune. A scanning device used by 7-Zark-7. It fails to locate a Spectra ship that has infiltrated the Research building 91.

Sonar Reports - These tell 7-Zark-7 that a giant whale caused explosions at Bay City's refinery on Earth 18. 7-Zark-7 receives one of these indicating an unidentified submarine is headed to the Paya Archipelago after a bank theft 6.

Sonar Signal - Jason picks this up at his station on the Phoenix, leading him to believe the baby whale they're tracking has found a Spectra base on Earth 18.

Sonic Boomerang - Mark's personal weapon 1, 67. It is apparently filled with explosives and has a timer mechanism to delay its detonation 83, 44. The tip of its nose unscrews and can be filled with additional explosives 99, or can accept other charges such as one of Princess' Fusion Cylinders from her Yo-yo Bomb 44. When thrown, the nose tip is sharp enough that it can stick into other metal objects 62. The Sonic Boomerang can stun people by flying by them 60, its sound causes temporary concussions 1. 7-Zark-7 also has one of these 73.

Sonic Detectors - These tell 7-Zark-7 that Spectra's missile has triggered the descent of the Van Allen radiation Belt on Earth 52.

Sonic Jet - This is Mark's vehicle in Full G-Force mode 12. It can hover via rockets on its underside 57, 89 and it also has forward-facing rocket thrusters at its top to help it launch from the back of the Phoenix 11. The Sonic Jet is given a set of recessed dual laser cannons that fire from its top side 67, 74, 88, 89. Its canopy can be opened in mid-air while it is flying 61. The Sonic Jet is stored in the top rear section of the Phoenix, called the Launch Bay 16. A Sub-infra X-Ray Beam is located on the bottom of his Sonic Jet 17. His plane in civilian mode, which looks like a simple single engine prop plane, also has an Infra-Scanner located on its lower section 4. The civilian plane offers protection against radiation 3.

Space Bubble - See Star Buggy

Space Buoys - 7-Zark-7 once checked to see if these had been set up between Nebula 40 and the Big Dipper 11.

Space Burgers - Tiny's favorite treat 73, he most frequently enjoys these while in G-Force's Ready Room. Tiny wants some of these as soon as they destroy Spectra's Space Octopus 67. Tiny hopes Mark will remember to bring him a couple of these as he and Keyop are sitting in the Phoenix 88. When some of these are made with Professor Starke's protein formula, Tiny eats ten of them 88.

Space Freighters - Two of these from Alpha Centauri crash on Earth while attempting to land 71.

Space Landing Entry System - Spaceships use this system to make safe landings on Earth. It has been perfected for years 71.

Spacemobile - Jason's G-Force vehicle in Full G-Force mode 12, 57. It looks like a racing car and has a centerline machine gun, 67, 88, 90, 89 called a "Space Weapon" by 7-Zark-7 and a "Freeze Ray Weapon" by Jason 90. The Spacemobile can be driven in snow 37, and also up vertical walls 47. It is stored in the front nose section of the Phoenix and held in place by Grapples 17. In civilian mode, Jason's car looks like stock racing car has a manual transmission (it has a clutch). It is left hand drive 98.

Space Patrol - They send Susan a warning about an alien object approaching Earth 83.

Space Patrol Scout - See XF-97

Space Probes - 7-Zark-7 unsuccessfully tries to use these to get in touch with G-Force when their signal is jammed by the FY-9. When they don't work, 7-Zark-7 calls them "Dysfunctional Space Probes 11."

Space Program - For short flights, the old systems are still used rather than faster-than-light ships 2.

Space Spectrometer - Equipment in Center Neptune. This determines that a series of meteorite attacks originate from Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons 9.

Space Station 909X - G-Force passes this on their way to a mission in Galaxy 30 8.

Space Weapon - The centerline gun in Jason's Spacemobile 67, 88, 89 that 7-Zark-7 invents 90. Jason also calls it a "Freeze Ray Weapon 90." It is controlled by buttons on his right seat side 67.

Special Capsule - G-Force is once sent back to Earth in one of these after the Phoenix is destroyed on planet Aquatica 22

Spectro-Analysis - 7-Zark-7 uses these to try to find a way to stop Spectra's Ball machine 23.

Spectrographic Analysis - This is used on fragments of ships to determine they all have traces of elements found only on planet Spectra 26.

Spy Beams - Used by G-Force to eavesdrop on Spectra plans 93.

Standby Alert - G-Force is placed on this while waiting for a briefing from Chief Anderson 52.

Star Buggy - Keyop's vehicle in Full G-Force mode 12, 84. The Star Buggy is the most versatile of all of G-Force's vehicles. It can fly 48, 84, 73, travel on land 73, in snow 37, underwater 57, 48, 45, 8 and underground 83. It has a series of items that it can deploy from its front mouth hatch including a laser 26, a buzz-saw 83, 84 which is deployed via a red button 45, a giant drill 48, 83 nets 18, 73, 47 and bombs 67, 88. It also has headlights 45 and a periscope 89. The Star Buggy can fit at least two people in its cockpit, having room for Keyop and Mark 83 , Keyop and Tiny 48, Keyop and Princess 84, Keyop and President Kane 47 and once three people - Mark, Keyop and Tiny 26. Most frequently called the Star Buggy in scripts, Keyop's vehicle has a lot of other names including Bubble 83, Space Bubble 48, 87, Space Buggy 95, Mini-Sub 45, Widget 26 and Mark once off-hand calls it a jalopy 48. In its civilian mode, it looks like a small red dune buggy 39.

Starfield Quadrants - Susan uses Starfield Quadrants on Computer Printouts to locate the Phoenix after it disappears escorting the FY-9 11.

Stress Scanners - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses this to unsuccessfully get in touch with G-Force when their signal is jammed by the FY-9 11.

Sub Chasers - The Federation has these, they look like normal seagoing ships and are able to track Spectra submarines 45.

Sub-infra X-Ray Beam - Mark uses this to look inside a Spectra beetle monster to see if Keyop is inside. It is located on the bottom of his Sonic Jet 17. Similar to the Infra-Scanner on the bottom of his civilian plane 4.

Sublineal Bypasses - 7-Zark-7 uses this to unsuccessfully get in touch with G-Force when their signal is jammed by the FY-9 11.

Submarine Base - A secret submarine base is being built on a planet in Galaxy 30 8.

Submarines - Used by the Federation 8.

Super Jet Blade - See Jet Cutter

Super-Sensitive, Long-Range Infra-Scanners - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 decides he'd better try these to contact G-Force and is eventually able to find Mark, Jason and Tiny inside a Spectra monster 12.

Surface Monitors - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses these to look at Oceanographic Research 55.

Surveillance Monitors - The Conway Complex has these 101.

Survey Ship X-90 - This ship sends an urgent red alert to 7-Zark-7. It is in the Atlantic. Also called Security Ship and Survey Vessel. It has been collecting the mineral Solodium from the sea. The Solodium formula was on this ship. Sunk by squids and presumed lost 36.

Susan - See separate entry here.

Synchronous Image Amplifier - 7-Zark-7 uses this to keep tabs on Zoltar and Spectra's plans. It has a Reference Voltage Generator that malfunctions 31.


TBX Nuclear Missiles - These are carried on the Phoenix and have explosive warheads 15.

Telecom - The name of the four screen monitor 7-Zark-7 uses. It shows a million planes moving in on Odin, but this is a mistake... it's just dust specks. These are 7-Zark-7's window to the Galaxy, that's why he takes such good care of them 51. Also called a Telescanner 65. Video monitors that 7-Zark-7 uses to track the UFO headed for Zeebor 93.

Telecom - Chief Anderson asks G-Force to use this to tell him of any findings on planet Riga 15. This is also the communication method used when the Phoenix contacts Center Neptune Security 47.

Telecom Communicators - A communication method used by 7-Zark-7, he has to cut these once for security reasons 93.

Telecom Contact - 7-Zark-7 loses this with G-Force, when the beast goes into its mountain gorge base 12.

Telecom Scanner - Equipment at Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 sees terrible input from planet Riga on this 15.

Telecom Screen - With this, 7-Zark-7 can visit the most distant planets and galaxies all the time 12.

Teleplotter - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses this to determine where a Spectra craft will land on Earth 35.

Telescanner - The four screens 7-Zark-7 uses in Center Neptune 65. Also called a Telecom 51.

Televox Finder - 7-Zark-7 tells Mark to use this to he can guide Mark to the rest of the G-Force team 2.

10-9 - Code to President Kane that his distress signal has been received and understood 47.

Thermo Probes - Equipment in Center Neptune. A scanning device used by 7-Zark-7. It fails to locate a Spectra ship that has infiltrated the Research Building 91.

Thermo Scanners - Princess uses these on surveillance monitors to check out the Conway Complex 101.

Think Tank - See Center Neptune Control

Time Bypass Scanners - 7-Zark-7 uses this to detect changes in the orbits of stars. He can then use that information to determine if something has moved past them 4.

Time Warp Engines - These allow for daily commerce between Earth and planet Arcturus 32.

Tiny's Cable Gun - See section in Cable Gun

Touchdown Clearance - Mark requests this when the Phoenix approaches Earth 57.

T-Principle - The discovery of this in jet propulsion has led to a rapid breakthrough in space travel 14.

Tracking Signal - Mark sends one of these to G-Force's Wrist Activators. It shows up as a specific symbol (called the "Direction Finder 70") on monitors at Princess' station on the Phoenix and she uses controls to pinpoint his location 53.

Transducer - Equipment at Center Neptune that informs 7-Zark-7 of approaching enemies 58.

Transformer - The cassettes with programming instructions that are inserted into the Meta-1, allowing it to transform 16.

Transformers - See Wrist Activators

"Transmute!" - The verbal command given by a G-Force member to change from their civilian uniforms into Full G-Force mode 67.

Transmute - The function allowing the Phoenix to change into different forms. This has to undergo a power buildup for 70 seconds to function 67.

Triple Red Alert - 7-Zark-7 contacts Susan with one of these to let her know Zeno has escaped from Earth 46.

Triple Red Emergency Alert - Center Neptune is in this mode after an attack by Zoltar 89.

Tronic Project - A project being developed by Dr. Strecker that Security Chief Anderson "shelved" for being too dangerous. It is co-opted and used by Spectra on their Space Spider, where it is deployed like an electronic spider web 84.


Underwater Transmute - A special mode of the Wrist Activator that allows G-Force to transmute to Full G-Force mode underwater 46.

Universal Defense System - 7-Zark-7 once alerts this when an alien invader is seen rapidly approaching Earth 75.


Vibration and Stress Analyzer - 7-Zark-7 uses this to locate the strange ghostly machine that seems to be the energy source of Zoltar's recent storms 30.

Video Reports - Report method used in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 orders Weather Center to report data about the storm to him via this 30.

Viewers - 7-Zark-7's monitors in Center Neptune Control. He wipes these clean, but it doesn't help much, they're accustomed to looking into outer space 83.

Vitalumous - One of Earth’s most precious ore minerals. It is mined and refined at Center Neptune. It can renew the worn-out soils of Earth and other planets and without it, nothing can be grown and people in many galaxies would face starvation. It is stored in fortified vaults and is given freely to any planet that needs it 1. Without the ability to produce this, the Federation will crumble 67.

Video Scanners - Equipment in Center Neptune. 7-Zark-7 uses these to look at Oceanographic Research 55.


Weather Control - One of the Federation's branches. Also called "Weather Center." They report to Center Neptune via Magna-Comp. Professor Kenton works here 30.

Weather Control Missiles - Invented by Professor Kenton at Weather Control. They are in experimental stages and the professor doesn't want them used yet because of it They can be used to deflect types of violent weather by generating a counter whirlwind. They do not contain any explosives and they urn the sky into a seething maelstrom from which nothing can escape 30.

Whirlwind Pyramid - Technique used by G-Force to generate high winds to disorient opponents 6, 96, 65, 51, 99, 70, 95. Used by the team to escape an ice dungeon 54. Can be formed with three people 12, 9. Can be formed with two people 7.

Widget - See Star Buggy

Wrist Activators - The wrist bracelets G-Force wears 84, 46, 76. These are not only communications devices, they help control G-Force's Transmute ability 84. Nothing much is revealed about the inner functions of the Wrist Activators. But once when Mark's isn't working, he thinks something has been jarred loose in it and he flips its top open to reveal an extremely fast spinning disc-shaped device inside 46. The Wrist Activators can be turned off by pressing their top light buttons 75, 98. The team are aware they can be identified if seen wearing them, so they occasionally remove them for secret missions 32. The Wrist Activators are transmitter/receivers and are capable of sending Red Alerts to Center Neptune if the Communication Lines aren't jammed 61. They can send signals so the Phoenix can home in on their radio bearing 99. A "Cross-Hatch Signal 49" can be sent by tapping their tops and it shows up on the others' Wrist Activators as a specific symbol 74 called the "Direction Finder 70." This emergency signal can be picked up, read and traced on the Phoenix's Detector Panel, a device at Princess' station, when another G-Force member's Wrist Activator is placed in it 74. This proves G-Force team members can take their Wrist Activators off while in the Phoenix without the wearer reverting to civilian clothing 49. They can track other signals like radio signals sent by Chief Anderson 97 and distress signals from President Kane 47 as well as being able to pick up high frequency signals from Spectra 101. Chief Anderson once asks Princess to "flash" her Wrist Activator at the first sign of trouble when she's on a solo mission to the Himalayas. The Wrist Activators are also referred to as a "Wrist Communicator 42, 32" "Activator 84," a "Communicator 17," "Cosmic Communicators 74, "Transformers 10" and a "Receiver 75."

Wrist Communicators - See Wrist Activators


XF-97 - Mark is chosen to test pilot this aircraft at an air show. It is a faster-than-light fighter of radical new design. If it performs well it can strengthen Galactic Security. Also called "Space Patrol Scout 7."


Yo-yo Bomb - Princess' personal weapon 48, it resembles a Yo-yo and has explosives inside 33, 39. Princess carries it in a pouch on the right side of her G-Force uniform belt. The Yo-yo Bomb can be opened to reveal an adjustable timer mechanism in one of its halves 80, 48, 14, 33, 99. When set, the timer makes an audible ticking sound 80. In addition to being used on its own as an explosive, the Yo-yo Bomb's timer can also be attached to the Phoenix's Proton Missiles to delay their detonation 80. The Yo-yo Bomb has a magnetic underside 80, 48. The device can have a suction cup device attached to its front end 74, 65, 93, 89, 101, 52 and it has a thin cord that can extend from its body. The cord is strong enough to support the weight of Princess and at least one other girl her size 74 and it also has a winch that can reel Princess in if needed 52. The wire is also strong enough to support Mark's weight 37. Princess once uses its wire as a lasso to snatch Dr. Carig's pet chimp, Cindy out of his grasp 83. Princess can wear a ring on her right middle finger that is attached to the Yo-yo Bomb's wire. When twisted, the ring sends an electrical charge down the wire to trigger the device to detonate from a distance 65, 39. It is either powered by Fusion Cylinders, uses them as explosives, or both 44. The Yo-yo Bomb has also been called an
"Electronic Bolo 67" and a "Detonator 61."




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