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"Thanks Keyop, but I'm a big girl and I'm really capable of taking care of myself ." Princess 39.

Princess' last name is unknown. Very little is known of her past as well. She spent at least some time in the Himalayan Mountains where she studied meditation 95. She also has at least some memory of losing her mother when she was very young, when she said she felt as though she'd lost the whole world 69. But no other family is known for Princess.

Although she says everyone in G-Force is an orphan, Princess thinks 7-Zark-7 is a wonderful substitute for the mothers and fathers they don't have at home worrying for them 40.

She knows how to water ski 5, and is looking forward to being able to do it on Planet Eden before the team's vacation gets interrupted 73. Princess also knows how to skin dive 9 and how to play the guitar 47, 69. She and Keyop enjoy going disco dancing together 10. She even invites 7-Zark-7 to come to the G-Force Ready Room after a mission, so he can dance the Funky FOSDIC with her 88.

Princess once stops in to wish 7-Zark-7 a happy birthday and kisses him 49. She thinks 7-Zark-7 is a genius 76. Princess has also given other gifts to 7-Zark-7 like vintage 10-40 oil that she brought back from a vacation on Venus 93. After her initial visit, Princess obviously found she liked visiting 7-Zark-7 in his control center after missions. Before she leaves, she often continues the tradition of giving 7-Zark-7 a kiss on the top of his head 7, 76, 79, 70, 53, 40, 92. This has the effect of rattling 7-Zark-7 greatly and one time, he got so excited by her kiss that he short circuited 92 and another time it popped his slipped FOSDIC back into place 79.

Princess' civilian appearance

Princess in uniform

As a member of G-Force, Princess' skills and talents are invaluable. Not only is she formidable in a hand-to-hand fight - she's so fast she's able to catch Keyop's bolo when he throws them to defend himself 95 - her knowledge of electronics 52 and explosives 80 has saved the team a number of times. Woe to the Spectra machine or base that she gets inside, as she excels in placing explosives 33, 14, 9 or rewiring 1, 48, 12, 59 them to detonate.

On the Phoenix, Princess' wizardry with electronics means she's in charge of some of its most important and sensitive equipment. She manages a variety of instruments and systems from her station, although her main duties on the Phoenix are being in charge of communications and the sonar 55 and radar 60, 99. As she's in charge of communications, Princess needs to know how to recognize the Solar System code, and when a ship once appears above the Phoenix and begins transmitting a signal without this, Princess knows it's an alien craft 45.

She can set up electronic tracking capability 75, and is able to lock selected items for surveillance on her scanner 27, Her scope readout device displays data from the Phoenix's detectors 41, which can in turn be displayed on the Phoenix's main screen 9. Also viewable on the Phoenix's main screen is data that Princess gets on the long range scanners she watches 14. Princess has a telecom 73 and a visualizer 87 that she monitors, as well as communication scanners 11. Princess is able to pick up signals from things like communication devices, like the one Keyop leaves in a tree on Witch's Island 89.

She watches over the Phoenix's stress factor gauge 30 and its electro gravity field constants equipment 84. The magnetic tape probe, once used to find a Spectra sub that was otherwise hidden from G-Force, is at Princess' station, and the results from its operation are displayed on screens there 9. Princess also has a special device at her station that allows her to read cross-hatch signals that come in on their Wrist Activators from other G-Force members. This is very useful in tracking down missing teammates' locations 99, 62, 53. Its data is displayed on a monitor at her station 49. Tiny comments that Princess can fly the Phoenix 93, and she has done this when needed 12.

Outside the Phoenix, Princess has just as many responsibilities - She once operated a special portable tracking device that Security Chief Anderson rigged up 18, she knows how to use the personnel infra-detectors that G-Force employ in their Wrist Activators during a mission on Lulo 76 and she carries a mini-geiger 69. Plus, she is an expert in electronic surveillance 101.

Princess and Keyop share a special bond, sometimes like brother and sister, sometimes like mother and son. The two appear to live together in the same building which may be in Capital City on Earth 17. Each have their own room 65. Like Mark and Keyop, Princess sleeps with her Wrist Activator off 17. Princess takes breakfast into Keyop sometimes 17. The two of them travel together frequently, shopping around town 12, or dropping in on Mark at his shack 23. While on an undercover mission together, the two once posed as brother and sister 32. Keyop didn't have enough money for a meal the two shared once and they ended up having to wash dishes to pay for it 52.

Princess certainly isn't above needling Keyop as much as he does her 1. When Keyop was asked what he'd like to be when he grows up, he says "tall," Princess responds with, "That's a shaaaaame, I was hoping you'd say 'smart 17!'" But Keyop is very protective of Princess. Out of concern for her safety, he follows Princess on what are supposed be solo missions 39, sometimes without authorization 95. Princess has also teased Jason about his attraction to a female instructor at the Junior College where he's taking classes 72.

As much as she cares about Keyop, the person she likes best of all is Mark, which she tells him when they think they're both going to die 92. She admits to being afraid that Mark wouldn't come back from certain missions 31, 23, and he says that her "magnetic attraction" will always keep him coming back 23. She has hugged him on return from missions when she was "worried sick" about him 101. She has told him point blank that she worries about him because she cares for him, and while Mark says he "goes for her too," and tells her he thinks she's pretty, that's about as far as anything goes 31.

Mark and Princess frequently pair off for missions 1, 14, 7, 59, 17, 101. Keyop teases the two about their attraction to one another 1, and even Tiny recognizes that they have "good vibes 40." Mark has sent Princess personal messages over her Wrist Activator that she won't disclose to her teammates 62. Princess does not share Mark's view that all the team is programmed for is G-Force however. Her response is "We're humans, Mark. The only one who's programmed is Zark. 75"

Mark is hit especially hard when Princess volunteers for a special

Princess transmutes 39!

mission, and ends up getting trapped in a massive Spectra plant. Mark is forced to firebomb the deadly plants not knowing if Princess is still alive inside of one 39.

Princess is the one who reveals to Mark that Colonel Cronus is his father. She told him this to get the two of them to stop arguing over who would pilot a missile in what amounted to a suicide mission to save the Earth 53.

She appears to be loyal to her friends, once sticking up for her old friend Amelia when the rest of G-Force were suspicious she was in league with Spectra 25. She also looks after a small lunchroom one night, taking over a job for a friend named Jill 39.

Princess hates to see conflict in the team and she's the most apt of any G-Force member to try to smooth things over and help her teammates with whatever's bothering them 23, 51, 90. She's not always successful with this however - she once tried to get Jason to share his feelings, but he told her to leave him alone and not butt in where she's not wanted 98.

She does not like to see any harm come to her friends and comes down hard on Tiny when he starts making light of a time when Keyop disappears 69. She has also held her teammates back a couple times when they have gone after one another 90.

But even Princess can be abrasive at times, once when Tiny is seemingly daydreaming in the middle of a mission, Princess snaps, "Nothing personal Tiny, but are you planning to join the party, or just snooze 89?" She also seems none too pleased with Mark, coming back with a sarcastic "Thanks a lot!" when he springs a surprise mission on her as they're trying to free a trapped sub crew during the Space Center's destruction 92. She also stands up for herself just fine, such as when Jason once suggests sending her and Keyop back to the Phoenix because the mission they're on will be dangerous, Princess spits out "Maybe we should send you back, Jason!"

Princess arguably puts G-Force in one of the greatest perils it faces,when she accidentally loses one of her G-Force shoes during a Spectra attack 74. Since she can't transmute without the shoe, Chief Anderson says she's useless to the team until she gets it back. When the Spectrans discover it can't be destroyed, they subject it to a battery of tests, reverse-engineer it, and find out that it transmutes into her uniform boot 74. With this knowledge, Spectra later develops a weapon to knock G-Force out of their transmuted forms 76.

Princess appears to spend at least some of her time studying Spectra. When Mark needed to impersonate a Spectran, Princess was able to supply him with audio tapes of Spectrans she'd been recording for several weeks, including at least an hour of Zoltar's voice 42. She also knows what a Spectra radio signal badge is, and the fact that they're worn by all Spectra agents 21.

Princess seems to recognize her surroundings more than her teammates 75, sometimes getting rebuked for it while on a mission 2. Shipwreck Island makes her skin creep 59.

Her primary weapon is her yo-yo, which is also referred to as a yo-yo bomb 9, 48 14, 97, detonator 61, a magnetic bolo (in scripts) 65, or an electronic bolo 67. It is an impressive weapon that can be used to knock out enemies or double as a powerful impact explosive device 61, 39, 70. Sometimes it can be detonated with a delay timer 48, 14, 33, 99, or an electric charge 65, 89. The yo-yo can have a spike on its leading end, or it can have a strong suction cup affixed to it 74, 89, 65, 101. It appears to be powered by fusion cylinders, which are kept inside its body 44. The cable on the yo-yo is strong enough to support the weight of at least three people of Princess' size 74.

Princess also carries a small arsenal of other weapons, including Electronic Darts 18, Fuse Bombs 37, Astro Bombs 61, a special hand blade 37 and an unnamed band of explosives 63. In addition to weapons, Princess sometimes carries a makeup compact in her uniform 43.

Princess' private vehicle Is a yellow motorcycle 39 before transmuting into the Galacticycle in Full G-Force Mode 12. The Galacticycle is stored on the port side pontoon of the Phoenix 1. It can fire rockets from its middle section 67, 88, that are controlled from the right handlegrip 67. It can be driven in the snow with the aid of an extendable ski from its front and rear ends 21, 37 and it has a clear protective canopy that can be lowered onto it within its docking area in the Phoenix 89.

Princess' motorcycle and Galacticycle in Full G-Force mode

As with the rest of the G-Force team, Princess has been enhanced with mysterious powers via Cerebonic implants 1. The nature of the Cerebonic implants and their locations have never been revealed.

In her civilian life, Princess wears a red and dark blue shirt with a pink number 3 on its front. Along with that she has white and pink striped bell-bottom pants, dark blue shoes that look like slippers and finally a sky blue and yellow Wrist Activator. This is pretty much the civilian uniform for G-Force, each member has similar styling with different colors.

Princess' G-Force uniform is pink with white boots and gloves. Her cape-wings are white with a red interior. Her helmet is white with orange and black accents and a yellow-orange transparent visor. The belt on her uniform has a large yellow and red "G" buckle, and includes a holster for her yo-yo on its right side, and two pouches on its left side.

For one of her character traits, Jameson Brewer wrote of Princess in the series' pilot script, "She enjoys needling their (G-Force's) sober leader in times of stress."

The creators of Jun modeled her after Japanese actress/model Yuko Enatsu.



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