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Voice actor, Keye Luke
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"Stupidity! I live with it every day! Why must I be the only oasis in a desert of incompetency?!?" Zoltar 83

Zoltar is planet Spectra's most visible leader. While he doesn't actually rule that world, he does take control of most of the missions Spectra mounts against the Federation and its allies. Zoltar is sometimes referred to as the supreme ruler of Spectra 57. Tiny, Jason, Keyop and Princess have more colorful names for him, such as the "Purple Party Pooper" 53, the "Purple Creep" 55, "Purple Pirate 51" and "Ol' Kinky" respectively 55.

Not much is known about his past, but he does have a sister named Mala Latroz 31, 70 and according to her, Zoltar is from planet Spectra 31. He considers himself to be the embodiment of Spectra 3 and he has ambitions of living forever 14. He has some surgical skills 14 and at least some familiarity with recording studios 41. Not much is known about Zoltar's likes and dislikes outside of his disdain for Earth and G-Force. We do know that he plays chess, he is deathly afraid of ghosts and freaks out when he hears whistling 93. He also sometimes drinks wine in celebration of his victories 93.

How he remains in control of Spectra's forces is almost as much of a mystery as the man himself. The Spirit appears to always be upset with Zoltar, perpetually on the verge of permanently replacing him 80. He has called Zoltar an imbecile and a fool to his face 71 and sometimes orders him to stop sniveling 80. Zoltar constantly promises that Earth will be conquered 21, 62 so Spectra can plunder its natural resources for themselves 59, 35. But the Spirit says he has heard Zoltar's boastful words and glowing promises before 67. He notes that Zoltar always returns from Earth empty-handed 67, and always claims G-Force as his excuse for losing 80.

Zoltar is actually replaced a few times but he never fails to get his position back. The Spirit replaces him once with Colonel Tu after rejecting Zoltar's latest plan for conquering Earth. Tu is put in charge and allowed to carry out his own plan, but when it fails and he has to limp back to Spectra in defeat, Zoltar is placed back in charge 90. When Zoltar makes an error in judgment and crashes on planet Leucadia, the Spirit orders his men not to assist him at all. He wants to leave Zoltar on his own to escape or not. If he can make it back, the Spirit says he will forgive him. Otherwise, he will promote General Gorak to be the new ruler of Spectra. Fortunately for his own sake, Zoltar is able to make it back and keep his position 73.

Zoltar anticipating a victory

Another view of Zoltar

Zoltar is not above working in conjunction with other enemies to the Federation, although his team-ups are not always done at his own direction or desire. The Spirit has had Zoltar team with several alien commanders for different reasons. He works with Dahmbo, who allies with Spectra in an attempt to gain independence for his robot people 30 and with Brock, the deposed leader of planet Mir, who joins with Spectra so they will help him get his planet back 5. In one instance, the Spirit places Professor Hugo Doriarity in charge of Spectra. This seems to infuriate Zoltar, but it is only a ruse on their part to get Doriarity's knowledge. After which, Zoltar is back in charge 21. The Spirit also orders Zoltar to ally with Commander Typhon, the exiled ruler of planet Scorpius for an attack on Earth 9. Additionally, Zoltar has managed to thwart plots by other powerful individuals who are looking to take his position as the leader, such as Barzok 87. Through all the abuse, Zoltar claims his reward is serving the Spirit 45 and he is always ready to carry out his leader's plans 32.

The Spirit chides Zoltar once because his men reveal themselves too quickly 15 and he even instructs Zoltar to be cautious in his moves against G-Force 62. Though Zoltar himself knows the strength and cleverness of G-Force must never be underestimated 57. Zoltar says he would like nothing more than a chance to question Mark personally, and hopes that he isn't too eager to talk since it would be a pleasure to convince him 26. Although he talks big, when confronted directly with members of G-Force, Zoltar prefers to run rather than fight.

If nothing else, it proves that Zoltar is extremely crafty and he obviously thinks ahead for the worst by incorporating escape vehicles into his plans. Most, if not all, the Spectra bases 21, 24, 74, 100, 63 (in a nearby carnival/park), 69, 79, and machines he's commanded 67, 80, 41, 55, 61, 73, 48, 16, 54, 87, 45, 86, 96, 3, 14, 22, 33, 72, 89, 8 have had these. Zoltar has also been rescued a few times from bases by his personal ship 35, 97, 43, 99. Zoltar sometimes carries a pistol 57, 35, 86 (in the planet guide disguise). and he also holds miniature bombs in his mouth that he can throw at enemies 73, 93. The Spirit tells Zoltar once to save himself above all, an order that Zoltar has no trouble getting correct 89.

G-Force has Zoltar in their grasp several times, and it's a continuing source of irritation to Mark that the slippery villain is able to escape their capture time and time again 55, 35, 93. The one time Mark is able to get hold of Zoltar and pull his mask off, the Spirit immediately fills the room with a blinding light that knocks G-Force unconscious. Zoltar is able to escape, but not before Mark catches a glimpse of long, flowing blonde hair. Afterward Mark suspects Zoltar could possibly be female, a notion Tiny finds laughable 71.

G-Force thinks they win a major victory once when they capture Zoltar and bring him on board the Phoenix. Mark pulls his mask off only to find it is merely J.V. Killian, the assistant to Dr. Wold who was helping Zoltar, in disguise 59. Zoltar also tries to lure G-Force into a deadly trap once by placing an explosive-laden dummy of himself in an escape vehicle 89.

He seems to know a lot about G-Force and their structure. For instance, he is aware that G-Force have Cerebonic implants 57. Zoltar even knows Jason's name and that he's a part of G-Force 27. Additionally, Zoltar once seems to recognize Mark as a member of G-Force in his civilian clothing 3. He also has the bothersome ability of being able to force transmissions over viewscreens in Center Neptune 80, 55, Federation Headquarters 49 and on the Phoenix itself 55, 23.

Zoltar often disguises himself to fool people. Sometimes these disguises appear to merely be masks and costumes, but other times he seems to alter his very form. Zoltar describes this ability once, saying he has special powers that allow him to transform or change into the exact likeness of another person 47. He has disguised himself to look like a flute player 24, Colonel Cronus 61, Chief Anderson 68, President Kane's stewardess 47, Ajeeb - the uncle of the Prince of Aburra 35, A planet guide to show Tiny and Keyop around the Paradise Island asteroid 86, Captain Sweet, the missing father of a young boy on Zarkadia 3, Federation Secretary Claybourn 97, Gino, the friend of a Spectra attack survivor from Cretola 43, and a female survivor of a Spectra attack on the underground Earth city of Lulo 76. For a gallery of these disguises, look here.

Zoltar scores his greatest victory against G-Force when he is able to destroy the Research Center building. Several members of G-Force and Chief Anderson almost lose their lives when this important undersea structure is destroyed by Zoltar's attack 92.

Zoltar was portrayed by actor Keye Luke. In addition to Zoltar, he also provided the voices for the Spirit and Colonel Cronus. Luke was probably best known for his live-action role of Number One Son in the Charlie Chan Films.

The Japanese creators of Berg Katse modeled his unmasked appearance after actress Kim Novak.



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