The Federation headquarters building on Earth 54.

"We're always ready to go to the aid of any Alliance planet!" 7-Zark-7 44.

The Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets 16, also known simply as the Federation or sometimes Galactic Alliance 101, is an Earth-based organization that oversees the actions and treaties of its numerous members 48. The leader of the Federation is President Kane 84, whose responsibility is for all peaceful planets, not just Earth 5. Members of the public are aware of the Federation and of Security Headquarters 75. The Federation uses military-style timekeeping 25, 47.

The Federation has interests in nearly every scientific field, including everything from environmental restoration 1, advancing robotics 92, 16 and Cerebonics 37, computer science 16, exploration 71, understanding animal language 18, weather control 30 and mining 45 to weapons development and testing 7, 58. The Federation is known for the production and free distribution of Vitalumous, a soil-enriching mineral that helps planets recover after natural disasters or following attacks from enemy forces like Spectra 1, 67. Known scientists to have worked with the Federation include Dr. Baxter 37, Professor Walter Lambert 24, Professor Kenton 30, Professor Wilde 14, Professor Starke 88 and Dr. Gregg 79.

Earth is probably the single most important planet in the organization since it serves as the Federation's headquarters 49, 79 and is the home of G-Force, the Galaxy's top security team. 7-Zark-7 and G-Force's base on Earth is Center Neptune 1, a prototype installation for many more to come 5.

A large amount of the Federation's most important facilities and complexes are naturally located on Earth as well. Some of the main facilities include Intergalactic Federation Headquarters 52, 53, 79, 75, 54, Camp Parker, which serves as Security Headquarters when Security Chief Anderson is on vacation there 11 (Parker is also called the Mountain Retreat Headquarters 31), Research Center 91, 92 (also called Research Building), the Intergalactic Research Laboratory 24, Oceanographic Research 55, Magnaport where only the most sensitive of Federation assignments are carried out 47, Security Headquarters 75, Galactic Research Center 88, the Institute for the Study of Ancient Civilizations 46, the Artificial Intelligence Center 65, Power Complex 92, Intergalactic Laboratory 54, Weather Control 59, the Underground Spaceship Control Center 97, the Conway Building 21 and the International Bank 6. The Federation helps to stabilize the Galaxy's economy by maintaining a massive stockpile of gold in this bank 6.

The Intergalactic Federation has a council of delegates made up of people from all over the Universe 22. Members of the Federation gather together once a month, except in times of danger, when representatives from each planet zoom in from every corner in the Galaxy 54. Delegates have also gathered together for special celebrations, such as on Earth to honor a holiday named in honor of G-Force 62. Additionally, the council meets to determine actions they will take in emergency situations; they have the ability to deploy troops via special vote 40, survey teams to assess damage 15, and rehabilitation work forces 15 in addition to robot land vehicles and remote controlled planes for defense until G-Force can show up 23.

Known Federation member planets include Riga 15, Space Island 25, Leucadia 73, Eden 73 and Arcturus, with the latter being Earth's sister planet 32 (although Riga is sometimes called Earth's sister planet 11, 44). Planet Spectra has been denied a seat in the Intergalactic Federation due to their unwarranted attacks on member planets 87.

In addition to scientific research, the Federation also provides protection from enemies via their Galaxy Security branch. The head of that branch is Security Chief Anderson 54, who directs and dispatches G-Force 54 - Galaxy Security's primary security team 6. The Federation, Chief Anderson and 7-Zark-7 have ultimate control over the actions of G-Force 23. Their Security Board even has the power to confine G-Force to Center Neptune for disobeying orders 44. 7-Zark-7 keeps an eye on all the friendly planets in the Intergalactic Federation from Center Neptune 68. When a threat is heading toward Earth, 7-Zark-7 notifies the Security branch 24, 54, 96, 4, 90, 93, 40 and Security uses its own communication channel/frequency to keep in contact with G-Force 10, 65.

Galaxy Security has Interplanetary Patrols 67, a Space Patrol 91, Cosmic Patrol 12, survey vessels 36 and investigators 88. The Galaxy Security branch has helped to develop defensive weaponry like the Jet Cutter 58, the FY-9 project for planet Riga 11 and the Red Mist missile system 89, Security also maintains a high security prison 88 and prison planet, Alpha-Three 69. The Federation keeps their all-important Conway Tapes within the Conway Building 75, 32, 33 on planet Arcturus. These are secret tapes that contain the defense codes for Earth and the Federation 32.



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