A list of 7-Zark-7's internal components

Information about the use or function of each part has been included, when supplied.

Accelerators - Susan really charges these 7.

Activator - 7-Zark-7 gets a queasy feeling in the pit of this that Zoltar will soon be back 61.

Actuator - 7-Zark-7 always keeps one of these open while resting his Modulators 2.

Acute Dielectric Sensors - These tell 7-Zark-7 that Mark is lying low, waiting to make his escape 80.

Acute Receptors - 67

Ambulators - It feels great for 7-Zark-7 to get off of these. He wonders if arch supports would help 33.

Analytical Spectrometer - 7-Zark-7 has what could be called a "hunch" here 84.

Analyzer Cells - 7-Zark-7 uses these to mull over whether or not Vargo may be on Spectra 57.

Articulators - 7-Zark-7 has these full, like hands, with checking out reports 9.

Auditory System - 7-Zark-7 uses it to hear 73.

Audio-Phaser - 62

Audio Receptors - Like ears. Susan's voice sends these up a thousand decibels 45.


Base Electrode - 7-Zark-7 gets a queasy feeling here that Mark is in for trouble 61.

Binac - Zark's "heart 100."

Binary Automatic Analyzer - Equipment used by 7-Zark-7 that tenses up his Thermocouples 59.


Capicitor - This is on disconnect while 7-Zark-7's on his ten-second oil break 27.

Capacitors - 7-Zark-7 is so excited, these are shorting out his Transducers 12. These buzz when 7-Zark-7 thinks about the Graveyard of Ships on planet Mir 5. 7-Zark-7 hopes to rest these now that the latest mission is over 33. Mark is certain that 7-Zark-7 is overloading these looking for him and Princess 101.

Central Core - If 7-Zark-7 tries to handle all the emergency calls coming in, this will burn out 53.

Circuit Breaker - If 7-Zark-7 doesn't hear something about G-Force's progress, he may pop one of these 52.

Circuits - 7-Zark-7 says these are jangled after an adventure 44.

Cogno-Capacitors - 7-Zark-7's pulsate furiously sometimes 31.

Condensers - These almost melt when 7-Zark-7 thinks of Spectra threatening a little planet like Vega 48.

Control Centers - 7-Zark-7 is having trouble with these 60.

Cosmic Analyzer - This is confused when 7-Zark-7 can't figure how Zoltar smuggled a weapon to Earth 63.

Cross-Digital Memory Banks - 7-Zark-7 keeps every statistic stored in these 63.


Dialectric-Tetrodes - These are not coming up with a magical answer to defeat a UFO 23. 7-Zark-7 almost strips these when Susan agrees to go to the robot reunion with him 8.

Digital Ions - 7-Zark-7 is bursting these in Nerve Center Control 43.

Diodes - Sometimes G-Force gives 7-Zark-7 the strangest feeling in these 7.

Dynamometer - This nearly magnetizes as 7-Zark-7 watches G-Force almost get destroyed 41.


Electro-Bank - 7-Zark-7 will be fine as soon as this gets a one-hour recharge 40.

Electrode Failure - 7-Zark- is afraid he's going to have one of these if G-Force doesn't contact him soon 1.

Electrodes - 7-Zark-7 gets goosebumps on these when he thinks of G-Force in danger 5.

Electronic Spectravision - This allows 7-Zark-7 to see through millions of miles 84.

Electrothermocouplers - These break out in a cold sweat when 7-Zark-7 gets excited 21.


Filament Fiber - 7-Zark-7 has dreadful feelings about Mark deep within this 100.

Filaments - 7-Zark-7 wonders if he should take something to quiet these 21.

Finely Tuned Dinodes - These tell 7-Zark-7 that unusual reports of activity could mean trouble 9.

FOSDIC - This stands for Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers 10. 7-Zark-7 says he will never be caught asleep at this. 2 7-Zark-7 once has a flutter in this because of the current situation 35. A ten-second oil break helps pep this back up again after 7-Zark-7 loses pep in it 49. 7-Zark-7 is going out of this, like his head, because he failed his last physical 60. He does backwards crossword puzzles here. It is what a human would call their head 90. He has a disturbing flutter in this, what humans call a hunch 51. 7-Zark-7 is up to this in problems in Nerve Center Control 43. 7-Zark-7 thinks he throws this out of place when Susan surprises him with a call. It slips back in place when Princess kisses him after the mission 79.


Grid Plates - Showering in Anti-Rust really gets the old Grid Plates tingling 60.

Grids - 7-Zark-7 has "Grids" and doesn't know much longer they can hold up under strain 62.


Hygrometer - This can heat in tense situations 22.


Information Button - When someone presses this, 7-Zark-7 just goes on until he's stopped 14.

Instant Calculators - These tell 7-Zark-7 where a Spectra spaceship will land on Earth 14.


Jammed Microcircuits - 7-Zark-7 has had these since Spectra attacked Arcturus. He is built to take it but, these special situations really put a strain on his components 32.



Laminal Utications - 7-Zark-7 is straining these in Nerve Center Control 43.

Legs - 7-Zark-7’s are extendable, so he can clean his upper monitor screens 59.

Linear Transducer - When this gets worked up, it's a real feeling - despite some people saying robots can't have emotions 7.


Magnetronic Stigmatic Grating Spectrograph - 7-Zark-7 says that worrying about your best and only friend's safety would riffle this for you, if you were a 7-Zark-7 6.

Memory Banks - 7-Zark-7 is having trouble with these 60. Wise old sayings are stored there 26.

Mercury-Vapor Detectors - Everything in these tell 7-Zark-7 that Zoltar is behind Ajeeb overthrowing Tabul 35.

Mercury Vapor Sensors - These inform 7-Zark-7 that Commander Typhon is in partnership with Zoltar 9.

Micro-Modulators - 7-Zark-7 wishes he were human sometimes so he wouldn't have to worry about getting dust in these 51.

Micro Phaser - This "tells" 7-Zark-7 that two boys know more about an attack than they are letting on 36.

Modulators - All of these are turned down while he's on his ten-second oil break 27. 7-Zark-7 gives them ten-second rests occasioanlly but always keeps one of his Actuators open when he does 2. 7-Zark-7's are stressed out from worry 99.

Multi-Linear Electron Circuits - 7-Zark-7 keeps these in prime working condition by doing crossword puzzles (backwards for more challenge) during slack periods 90.

Multi-Plex Discontinuity Filters - 7-Zark-7 uses these to figure out a punishment for Jason 76 .


Nimble Components - 7-Zark-7 puts these to work to locate "That villainous Zoltar and his Spectra Space Mob 75."


Off button - 7-Zark-7’s can be activated when he sits down 25.

Off switch - 7-Zark-7 hopes to flick this when the mission is over 33.

Optical Sensory Circuits - Shivers got sent down this when all of G-Force’s weapons missed stopping a baseball 63.

Oscillator - Worrying gives 7-Zark-7 a very nervous one of these 90. 7-Zark-7 wishes he were human sometimes so he wouldn't have to worry about this burning 51.

Oscillator Reactors - Something about Zoltar overheats these in 7-Zark-7. 97

Oscillator Relay - 7-Zark-7 says he has a slight hitch in this. 49

Oscillator Relays - 7-Zark-7 says that going up and down in the transport tubes shakes these up, which is a good thing 42. Shocks from an attack may have unhinged these 89.

Overloaded Capacitors - 7-Zark-7 has had these since Spectra attacked Arcturus. He is built to take it but these special situations really put a strain on his components 32.


Phase Advancer - This can overload in tense situations 22.

Phase Discriminator - Simply trying to outguess planet Spectra can scramble this 6.

Photo Electric Eye Cells - 7-Zark-7's eyes. They use capacitors, which when weakened, have a similar effect to astigmatism 4.

Photon Oscillators - 7-Zark-7's are still pulsating after a mission 101.

Primary Electrostatic Pentodes - These are ratttled from an adventure 26.

Proto-Capacitors - 7-Zark-7 is scheduled to have these operated on. Susan thinks 7-Zark-7's new ones are just beautiful after peeking at him when he was taking a shower 60.

Pyrometer - 7-Zark-7 has a burning sensation, caused by worry, in the pit of this... like indigestion 86.



Radac - 7-Zark-7's "mouth 100."

Random Access Memory Tubes - 7-Zark-7 had a hard time keeping these focused with Keyop missing 17.

Reactors - 7-Zark-7 has in inkling in these all morning that Zoltar is planning something 55.
Receptors - 7-Zark-7 has these running "full decibel" trying to locate Tiny. These can also be fine-tuned. They are super sensitive to cosmic rays. 75 7-Zark-7 is getting bad "vibes" on these from Spectra 57. These tell 7-Zark-7 that an alien invader is definitely from Spectra 67.


Selective Quantometer - G-Force operating without Mark is like 7-Zark-7 operating without one of these 52.

Selson Servo - 7-Zark-7 feels a kink in this when he first tries to fly 73.

Sensitive Interceptors - 5

Sensitive Receptors - The first sign of trouble activates these 36.

Sensors - 61. 7-Zark-7's tell him that Zoltar got away 33. 7-Zark-7 keeps these sharp, even on a ten-second oil break 93. These go "all a-tingle" when 7-Zark-7 thinks of joining G-Force on a space flight 75. These are in 7-Zark-7’s superstructure. They tell him that G-Force is walking into a trap 76.

Sixth Sensor - 7-Zark-7 wonders if he has one of these, and why not? Since he has a seventh eighth and and a ninth sensor.. and soon more. He also has Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Sensors 75.

Silicone Diodes - 7-Zark-7 feels a little bit short in these, but thinks it is just the weather 49.

Solid State Circuitry - It's a good thing 7-Zark-7 has this, because with all the alerts going through him he’d blow a tube for sure 61.

Stoma-flex - 7-Zark-7's is upset over the current situation 35.

Stop Button - When pushed, 7-Zark-7 stops giving information 14.

Strobatron Resonators - 7-Zark-7 will calibrate these against his Telemetric Potentiometer (in other words a ten-second oil break) 74.

Supra-Modulator - 92

Synchro-Selson - 7-Zark-7 gets tension in this. A ten-second oil break helps relieve the tension 49.

Synchro-Server - Center Neptune's master computer agrees this could use a little recharging 12.

Synchro-Servo - 7-Zark-7 is scheduled to have a total transplant of this 60.


Telemetric Potentiometer - 7-Zark-7 will calibrate his Strobatron Resonators against this (in other words a ten-second oil break) 74.

Thermocouples - 7-Zark-7 uses a lightweight oil to relax these. They can be tensed by his Binary Automatic Analyzer 59.

Thermo-Diode-Rectifier - Similar to a heart 58.

Thermostor - Going up and down in the transport tube settles this. It starts pumping like mad again when 7-Zark-7 thinks that Spectra will be back 42.

Tired Transistors - 7-Zark-7 takes a ten-second oil break to rest these 86.

Transceptors - These remind 7-Zark-7 that he will be staying at his station day and night 35.

Transducer - The thought of being turned into a cake of ice sends cold shivers down this 57.

Transducers - These can be shorted out by 7-Zark-7's Capacitors when he gets excited 12.

Triaxial Connectors - These get jangled when 7-Zark-7's worried 51.

Triaxial Synthesizers - These have been in a nervous state until G-Force finally touches down on Zeebor 93.

Trigatron - 7-Zark-7 doesn't know if this can take the excitement of meeting G-Force 15. Susan's soft voice melts this 27. 7-Zark-7 gets feelings deep down within this when he thinks Zoltar is about to spring a trap 31. 7-Zark-7 gets a chill here when he thinks of robots programmed for evil 70. 7-Zark-7 thinks this mission was solved just in time, since his Trigatron couldn't have stood many more hours of the pressure 40. 7-Zark-7's is overtaxed after a mission. It will be used to conceive plans for the newer research center. It hums while working 92.

Tube - 61

Tubular Memory Rectifiers - Could be 7-Zark-7's antennae. He squirts rust inhibitor on these 99.

Tweeter - Part of Susan's equipment When she turns this on, it destroys Zark's woofer 45.



Vapacitors - There are times 7-Zark-7 gets this strong, urgent need in these and he's sure it's love 43.

Vertical Integrator - Something deep down in this tells 7-Zark-7 that Orin and Diane are still together 43.

Voltage Stabalizers - Shocks from an attack have rattled these 89.


Woofer - This gets destroyed when Susan turns on her tweeter 45.




Zolium - 7-Zark-7 has an appointment to have his ektostructure lined with this 35.



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