Writers List
Presented below is a list of writers and the episodes they wrote. This information comes mainly from Janet Waldo's recording scripts. When a writer was not listed, the script was presumed to have been written by Jameson Brewer. However, without additional information that claim can't be made conclusively.

Jameson Brewer
Attack of the Space Terrapin
Siege of the Squids

Peter Germano
Raid of the Space Octopus
Mammoth Shark Menace
Beast With a Sweet Tooth
Raid on Riga
Orion, Wonder Dog of Space
The Alien Bigfoot
Tentacles From Space
Giant Gila Monster
The Fierce Flowers - Part I
The Fierce Flowers - Part II

Jack Paritz
The Space Rock Concert
The Ghostly Grasshopper
Cupid Does it to Keyop
Secret Island
Ghost Ship of Planet Mir
Demons of the Desert

Harry Winkler
Keyop Does it All
The Awesome Armadillo
The Sky is Falling - Part I
The Sky is Falling - Part II

Sid Morse
The Musical Mummy
Seals of Sytron
Vacation on Venus
The Sea Dragon
The Bat-Ray Bombers

William Bloom
Mission to Inner Space
A Swarm of Robot Ants
Raid of the Red Scoprion
Prisoners in Space
Capture of the Galaxy Code

Kevin Coates
A Whale Joins G-Force
The Fiery Lava Giant



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